Mr. Martin (Marty) Mahan – Assistant Superintendent Fort Smith School District

Martin Mahan, Deputy Superintendent for the Fort Smith School District, is a firm believer in the importance of lifelong learning. He believes that “education’s strength in the community or nation equals the strength of the democracy.” Mahan received his bachelor’s degree from Henderson State University and completed his masters at the University of Arkansas. Through Arkansas Tech University, he obtained his education specialist degree in leadership. He began his career in the Fort Smith Public School District in 1995. He worked with the Lake Hamilton School District in Hot Springs in the 2000-01 school year. He has served in many of the Fort Smith School district schools including Darby Junior High, Belle Point Center, Kimmons Junior High, and Northside High School. Through his work, Mahan is committed to effective teaching, student engagement, and continuing education. As he simply states, “It’s all about your P-A-C-E; Passion, Attitude, Courage, and Energy.”

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