In 2007 Arkansas AIMS received a grant from the National Math and Science Initiative to increase the number of Arkansas students participating in and earning college-qualifying scores for rigorous AP classes. In 2020, Arkansas AIMS continues to open doors for high school and now middle/junior high school students to reach their academic potential. AR AIMS basic belief remains that student success begins with teachers who are knowledgeable in their subject matter, skilled at instructing diverse classrooms, and capable of preparing students to be confident and creative problem-solvers. As Arkansas AIMS continues for the 12th year, our multi-year longitudinal research continues to reveal the benefits of our partnership to ensure strong academic opportunities for students to prepare them for college and career.


In 2020 86 Arkansas schools are AR AIMS partners with 48 schools receiving Active Services to ensure teacher effectiveness and efficacy and student equity and achievement.

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  by Cynthia Howell | February 8, 2020, at 9:08 a.m.

AR Democrat-Gazette

“The number of Arkansas students who took Advanced Placement exams to earn college credit dipped in 2019 as did the number of exams taken. But the number of exams receiving desired scores of 3, 4 or 5 (which provides college credit) hit a new high…”

The Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science, a nonprofit organization based at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, aids in that support by providing teacher training and student tutoring — in the form of Saturday workshops, summer boot camps, and online lessons — for its member high schools statewide, with a focus on Advanced Placement English, mathematics and science exams.

A total of 23,395 Arkansas students took Advanced Placement exams in English, Math, and science in 2019, including 11,344 students in the Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science’s (active) 58-member schools.

And while 48% of the test-takers were from the member schools, 55% of all Arkansas students earning scores of 3 or better on English, Math, and science tests were from the member schools, Lynn Harrison-Bullard, president of the organization, said this week…

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