Arkansas AIMS Success

AR AIMS 2022: Making the Difference, January, 2022

From: Lynn Harrison-Bullard, President, Arkansas AIMS
In it’s 14th year and despite Covid drawbacks, AR AIMS continues to be a STEM model producing significant results and is making a difference in Arkansas Schools by changing expectations and achievement.

  • 92 Arkansas High, Junior High, and Middle Schools are AR AIMS Partners
    • 41 schools in Arkansas from Cohorts 1-13 receive Active Content Services in AP and Advanced English, math, and science
      • Active Partner teachers are (individually) supported at least monthly on site or virtual and have access to consultants/directors/digital curriculum resources
      • This year, AR AIMS offered a choice for active service:
        • Traditional Services (all onsite)
        • Blended Services (½ on site ½ virtual)
        • Virtual Services (1st visit on site, all remaining virtual)
    • 51 Schools are in Maintenance
      • Maintenance receive no on-site services but may participate in AR AIMS events as partners and have access to resources with regular PD
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  • During fall and summer 2021, AR AIMS trained nearly 500 teachers in English, math, and science in our various virtual workshops.
  • Since the AR AIMS revision of LTF curriculum science resources and the AR AIMS teacher workshops beginning in 2016, where our staff and a committee of successful AR teachers used LTF and the AR Content Standards to recreate the AR AIMS Infused LTF curriculum materials (with permission from NMSI) for teachers of grades 6-10. This effort resulted in an easy-to-access updated, revised and reorganized alignment with the Arkansas Standards, the New Generation Science Standards, and to support the state ACT Aspire preparation. In science alone we have trained nearly 1000 teachers to use and rely on this digital curriculum. Many have attended more than 1 workshop to repeat or to gain support in another content area.
  • For a glimpse into our digital support for our schools, see the Preview Curriculum Sites shared with our partner schools, please click; the sites are an automatic benefit for AP and with supplemental professional development access is available for 6-10.
  • Science | English | Math

Free Options for Teacher Training:

  • AfterHours Prep for Teachers is offered this year as another free service for Arkansas schools. It’s an evening 30-45 minute skill/topic focus and discussion for teachers via Zoom.. *Recent AP Math After Hours AP Statistics Discussion Forum was February 1st, at 5:00pm. “The Fundamental Theorem and its Applications”
    See the website for other upcoming sessions in math, science and English.
  • Free Options for Student Prep for Partner Schools and for low cost to non-partner schools
    • On-site Super Saturday Preps returned this fall on Helena’s PCCUA campus.
    • NW AR and Central AR Saturday Preps for Students will resume soon. See the website for details
  • MidYear Partner Administrative Survey Composite Results.
  • 2021 AP Data Report:
    • o The AP Data is currently being analyzed to determine needed changes in direct services. We will determine how to cope with the instability of education due to Covid to bring scores back to the desired levels of increase. AP scores overall dropped 2019-20/20-21.

Click for modified AR AIMS AP Score Report or AR AIMS ppt.