Arkansas AIMS Success


AR AIMS continues to be a STEM model that has produced significant results over time and is making a difference in the state by changing expectations and achievement.

  • To date, we have added 15 schools for Cohort 11: Bauxite, Beebe, Booneville, Brinkley, Fayetteville, Newport, North Little Rock High, North Little Rock COE,  North Little Rock 7-8, North Little Rock 6th, Greene County Tech, Rosebud, Sheridan, South Side Bee Branch, and Vilonia.
  • This year we have 50 schools in Arkansas receiving “pay-for-service”  in Active Status. 
  • Our 15 new Active Status Schools, the 35 returning Active Status schools and the remaining 38 “still participating” Maintenance Status schools total 88 AR AIMS partners across the state—or 35% of high schools offering AP classes
  • We have continued our online prep session programs in MSE AP and PAP content areas.  All of the prep sessions are archived on the AR AIMS website and available for use. We offer both live lessons and recorded and both hour-long and mini-focus lessons for students and teachers. We are also in the process of updating and editing our best sessions to offer our schools this year. 
  • During the 2018-19 school year, we trained over 621 teachers in our various workshops across the state.
  • AR AIMS conducted our 5th year of one-week Summer Boot Camp on the UA Little Rock campus, the 4th year in UA-Fayetteville and the 2nd  at ASU. We served over 250 students across the state. 
    • With our new Walton grant funding, we are adding 2 Saturday AP/PAP PREP sessions in Fayetteville and will create that opportunity for Delta schools as well. 
    •  There will be 5 days for students held at the Great Rivers Cooperative in Helena-West Helena     
  • In 2018-19, AR AIMS piloted a Middle School Partnership Option for 2 Feeder Middle Schools. This year we will add 2 more schools. The model is similar to our AP mentoring but teacher content teams meet in small groups rather than individual mentoring. 
  • 23,395 students took AP Exams in EMS in AR in 2019. 48.5%(11344) of those exams were taken by students at participating AR AIMS Schools. 
  • For all students in AR, 7339 students earned qualifying scores in EMS, and 55% (4067) of those scores were earned at participating AR AIMS schools. 
  • In participating in AR AIMS schools, 35.6% of students earned qualifying scores on EMS AP Exams. In non-AIMS Schools, 27.2 % of students earned qualifying scores. 
  • The 7 Cohort 5 schools have seen a 170% increase in Qualifying Scores in 6 years in the program.
  • The 8 schools in Cohort 6 have seen a 90% increase in the percent of students with qualifying scores in 5 years in the program. 
  • The 5 Cohort 7 schools have seen a 52% increase in the percent of qualifying scores in 4 years in the program.
  • The 7 schools in Cohort 8 have seen a 62% increase in the number of qualifying scores in 3 years in the program.  
  • The 10 schools in Cohort 9 have seen a 31% increase in the percent of qualifying scores in 2 years in the program.
  • The 6 schools in Cohort 10 have seen a 34% increase in the number of qualifying scores after only 1 year 
  • AR AIMS schools contribute significantly to the dramatic increase in the number of students taking AP math, science, and English classes.
  • AR AIMS schools contribute significantly to the state’s increase in minority students taking AP courses and achieving qualifying scores.

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Participants field nearly half of state’s college-credit qualifiers!

The 61 high schools participating in the Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science program produced a disproportionately higher percentage of students taking Advanced Placement exams in math, science, and English in the 2016-2017 school year than schools, not in the program.

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