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Summer 2020 AR AIMS English LTF Infused Advanced Instructional Methods & Strategies Grades 6-10

Hybrid Training Dates and Information
*Frontloading introduction and introductory activities will go out to participants by June 29, responses to the introductory activities will be due by Friday, July 3.
*Online sessions will be held on July 7 & 9. (Hours TBD) Participants will have an interactive assignment given on July 7 to be completed on July 8.

NOTE: The Summer 2020 training will be a blended workshop, consisting of virtual and face-to-face training over a 3 month period. Twenty Four total hours of professional development will be earned upon completion of the program.
-On July 7 and 9, teachers will participate in virtual training over video conferencing and complete independent assignments to earn 8 hours of professional development.
-During the months of September and October, teachers will work with their peers and the presenters to implement the curriculum into their lessons and reflect on what is working in their classroom. This will be done through a series of interactive assignments earning the teachers 8 hours of professional development.
-Teachers will then meet for 8 hours at a face-to-face training that is tentatively scheduled for late January in Little Rock, AR.

The AR AIMS English LTF Infused Advanced Instructional Methods and Strategies training for grades 6-10 merges LTF training with a curriculum framework developed by a master teacher and fully supported by a loaded Google Site for each grade level. It includes four complete units that are developed to be flexible while providing teachers with guidance as they implement Arkansas frameworks and prepare for standardized tests(ACT Aspire).

Unit Essentials

  • Units are multi-genre including selections from major works, short stories, poetry, and nonfiction.

  • Units feature varied instructional approaches including visual analysis, direct writing instruction, technology applications, etc.

  • Units are skills based for ease of application to varied literary selections.

  • Units reflect embedded grammar, vocabulary, & writing instruction.

  • Units are based on mentor texts but contain suggestions for alternative works.

  • Units include a variety of instructional methods and approaches (e.g. bell ringers, grammar instruction, writing instruction, best practices, creative applications, etc.).

  • Units include both student and teacher materials.

  • Units have connections to ACT Aspire classroom support.

  • Units include appropriate key suggested activities with direct correlation to Arkansas standards.

  • Units include master documents with links to documents, videos, etc.

Participants will have access to a Google Site specifically developed to provide curriculum support and instruction that will build a foundation for student success in future classes, specifically AP English Language and AP English Literature. Teachers may sign up for:

  • 6th Grade LTF Infused Advanced Instructional Methods & Strategies

  • 7th Grade LTF Infused Advanced Instructional Methods & Strategies

  • 8th Grade LTF Infused Advanced Instructional Methods & Strategies

  • 9th Grade LTF Infused Advanced Instructional Methods & Strategies

  • 10th Grade LTF Infused Advanced Instructional Methods & Strategies

*COST: AIMS Schools/$500; Non-AIMS Schools/$600. Deadline for registration is June 24. Cancellations MUST BE emailed to ghabernathy@ualr.edu PRIOR to June 24.  No cancellation refunds after June 24.

*If you have any questions, please contact Susan Skinkle at slskinkle@ualr.edu

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR AR AIMS English LTF Infused Advanced Instructional Methods & Strategies Grades 6-10

AR AIMS LTF professional development meets the requirements for ADE’s PreAP Certification; ADE requires that teachers attend a sanctioned outlet to obtain PreAP Certification at least every 5 years.  

Teachers receive access to an AR AIMS PAP Google Site when they attend a 24 hour training in their content area. Teachers will have access to the site for three years.  


January 2020

  • As the new year begins, seven English consultants and the English Director are on track to have made 116 visits to the AR AIMS schools receiving English services. These visits are heavily focused on classroom support, model teaching, and assisting teachers as they navigate the demands of the Pre-AP and AP English classrooms. 
  • Director Susan Skinkle’s English 2 Day Training received overwhelmingly positive teacher response. 94% of the teachers surveyed stated that this workshop was more beneficial  than other workshops they’d attended
  • The director and consultants are currently working to prepare for our annual English Mock Reading on Feb. 10 and 11, 2020 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Little Rock, led by teachers who are AP Readers and work in leadership roles;  this leads to an authentic AP Exam reading experience. 
  • Skinkle will be focusing on offering targeted “mini” professional development opportunities during the reading this year. 
  • English is also planning summer professional development focusing on the newly created AR AIMS LTF-infused specialty workshops.
  • Skinkle is working with the Beebe High School Principal, KarlaTarkington on a Teaching Reading Pilot focused on the development of best practices and strategies to assist teachers in addressing the critical reading and thinking skills demanded by the ACT Aspire test Arkansas students take each year. Plans are to have these resources available for other schools in the future. 
  • Ongoing English endeavors include: developing a Zoom video library archives, adding materials to the Advanced and AP  English Google Sites, and assisting teachers as they implement the new demands of the College Board’s AP English Language and Literature, including the new 6-point rubrics.