About Us

Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science, Inc., is an affiliate of the National Math and Science Initiative who funded an Advanced Placement Training and Incentive program with Cohort 1’s ten schools beginning in August 2008.  Arkansas was one of seven states selected to receive a National Math and Science Initiative Grant in August, 2007.  Each spring, Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science, Inc. invites schools to apply for participation in the program.  AR AIMS is now seeking applications for Cohort 14 for the 2022-23 school year. If you would like more information on AR AIMS and would like for us to contact you, please CLICK HERE.

The goals of the program are to strengthen the teaching of the AP® and grades 6-10 advanced pathway/accelerated mathematics, science, and English courses and to build enrollment and increase the number of students taking and earning qualifying scores on AP® exams in these subjects and better preparing students in general for higher education and career.

The National Math and Science Initiative was formed to address one of this nation’s greatest economic and intellectual threats:  the declining number of students who are prepared for and take rigorous college courses in mathematics and science.  NMSI is funded by a partnership of private donors, led by ExxonMobil, who are interested in significantly changing the current trends.

A primary goal of NMSI and AR AIMS, Inc. is to increase the number of students taking and scoring 3 or higher (to gain college credit) on math, science and English Advanced Placement exams. Other goals include educating and assisting schools in recruiting more students for advanced classes in grades 6-12 and providing the resources and mentoring to enhance overall teacher performance so that more students are prepared for success in those advanced classes and in college and career.

Program features include:

  • Voluntary participation on the part of students, teachers, and schools
  • Advanced-level, content-focused training for teachers of AP® and Advanced/Accelerated teachers in math, science, and English courses
  • Onsite mentoring of teachers by content specialists
  • Online resources specifically designed to enhance the effectiveness of teachers
  • Continuous access to teachers
  • Reduced charges for world class professional development:
    • Summer LTF Infused Advanced Instructional Methods & Strategies for English, math, and science teachers, grades 6-12
    • Fall 2-Day Content Conference Workshops for AP English, math, and science
    • Spring 1 or 2 day AP Exam Mock Reading Workshop in English, math, and science

AP® teachers and teachers preparing for AP are the keys to the success of the program. We assist in their continual efforts to improve their teaching and expand their programs. Ensuring that Advanced Pathway  and AP®teachers collaborate to build a pipeline of students prepared for the rigors of AP®, establish goals for academic performance, emphasize the importance of every student taking the AP® exam, encourage students to attend college, and encourage all students to attend special events such as Zoom Prep Sessions, Saturday Prep Sessions, and Summer AP Boot Camps.

Partner school administration is expected to provide necessary facilities, equipment, scheduling consideration, logistical assistance, and coordination of student advisement to help ensure the success of the students and teachers.