The math & science training incorporates STEM designed investigations. You will empower your students through science by teaching them to observe and problem solves using a real-world application of mathematical concepts.



Math News

January 2020

  • The math consultants and director made 117 visits to the 39 active partner AR AIMS schools receiving math services. Consultants work with teachers to implement a rigorous curriculum in their classroom, model lessons, and observe teaching and give feedback. 
  • The AP Math Two-day workshop was attended by 51 math teachers from around the state and received very positive feedback. The two presenters are known throughout the US for their development of a strong curriculum and the participants gained materials to use in their classroom throughout the year. 96% of the teachers surveyed stated that this workshop was more beneficial than other workshops they’d attended.
  • The AR AIMS AP Math sites were reconstructed this year to include a more complete curriculum in both AP Statistics and AP Calculus. New activities, guided notes, exams, and other materials were added to the site, and it is being updated with new materials throughout the year.
  • The mock reading for AP Math and AP Science is scheduled for April 6, 2020, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Little Rock. College Board AP readers in both Calculus and Statistics will train teachers to understand how to score the AP math areas mock exams. 
  • LTF Math training will be available to Middle and High School teachers this summer at three summer training sessions. Also, the newly created curriculum “Bridging Algebra 1 and Physical Science” workshops will be available at various locations around the state. AR AIMS Algebra 1 and Physical Science Teams are working to vet the curriculum in their classroom and will lead our training this summer. 
  • Plans are in the works to develop an LTF-infused math curriculum designed to work with the Arkansas Math Standards in 6th grade through Pre-Calculus. Workshops and resources should be ready to offer in the summer of 2021.