• The AP Calculus (AB & BC) Mock Reading will be lead by Bryan Passwater (Fall 2-day Presenter 2020)
    Bryan Passwater Biography
  • The AP Statistics Mock Reading will be lead by Sarah Johnson (Fall 2-day Presenter 2019)
    Sarah Johnson Biography
  • Teachers will work directly with table leaders who are experienced College Board readers and/or AP leaders in their subject areas
  • Teachers will collaborate with other teacher readers at their virtual table to evaluate free response questions and develop an understanding of targeted instruction to be addressed and reviewed between the Mock Reading Workshop and the AP Math exams in May of 2021
  • Teachers will be provided with electronic copies of the Mock Free Response Exam via email that they can give in paper or virtual form. These will also be available on the AR AIMS Google Sites
  • Teachers will receive targeted professional development that will address the following topics: reviewing for the AP exam, AP scoring, and using the results of the mock exam in their classroom
  • On day 1 teachers will train with our chief reader on review techniques and scoring of the exams. On day 2 teachers will work together to score their exams with the assistance of table leaders who are AP Readers or leaders in their subject. (Teachers will score or receive training even if they do not bring papers to score).

Registration (There are two options available):

  1. Teacher attends both April 13th and April 14th earning 12 hours of PD. If the teacher attended the 2020 Fall 2-day workshop, this earns the teacher AP re-certification from the ADE.

Registration Fees(Reduce by $50 if you attended the 2020 Virtual Fall Two-Day Workshop):

AR AIMS Schools $300
Non-AR AIMS Schools $400

2.  Teacher attends only April 13th, earning 6 hours of PD. Teachers who choose this option will not be eligible for AP Re-certification from the ADE.
Registration Fees:

AR-AIMS Schools – $200
Non-AR AIMS Schools – $250

After April 2nd, 2021, registration fees will increase by $50.
You will receive a verification email following your registration. This email will include a timeline for communication regarding the Mock Reading Workshop as well as a tentative agenda.

If your school is not an AR AIMS Active Partner, a preview of what you’re missing is below.  If you would like to become an AR AIMS School in 2021-2022, please contact Lynn Harrison-Bullard at or call at 501-650-5765.  

AR AIMS Math Preview Site

If you have any questions about PreAP or AP Math, please contact Summer Vaught at



    • Math- week of July 19-23, 2021 Click HERE for MATH for more information and registration


At this time, we are planning to host our Fall 2-Day workshops in person at The Plaza in Little Rock.  Of course, this is subject to change and pivot to virtual workshops if this is the guidance of the ADE and CDC. 

    • Math- October 4-5, 2021

More information and registration links for LTF and Fall 2-Day workshops will be posted later in the Spring.