Several programs are offered to educators wanting to increase their knowledge and skills in the field of literacy education. The Dyslexia Graduate Certificate is designed to provide licensed teachers with a dyslexia (K-12) endorsement. This certificate is offered fully online. The master’s in reading prepares educators for licensure as reading specialists, effective literacy educators, or intervention specialists, and is offered fully online. With the Educational Specialist degree, graduates are prepared for a leadership role in literacy-related areas, including literacy curriculum specialists, literacy coaches, literacy supervisors, and others. Our Ph.D. is designed to prepare reading educators for leadership roles in scholarly practice, literacy research, and teaching at university or college levels.


Career Opportunities

  • Reading Specialist
  • Intervention Specialist
  • Literacy Curriculum Specialist
  • Literacy Supervisor
  • Professor

Potential Employers

  • Russellville School District
  • Little Rock School District
  • Arkansas Children’s Hospital


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