Associate of Arts in General Studies

Why Get the AAGS degree?

The Associate of Arts in General Studies (AAGS) is a 60-hour degree designed to accomplish three student goals:

  • To provide completion of UA Little Rock Core curriculum and progress towards a bachelor’s degree.
  • To signify personal and collegiate accomplishment upon receipt of the AAGS degree.
  • To provide students with a means of professional advancement within their workplace.

Ready To Get Started?

If you are enrolled or plan to enroll on the main UA Little Rock campus, and would like a review of how your earned credits meet the AAGS degree requirements, speak with your Academic Advisor.

AAGS Degree Requirements

Please speak with a Discovery Advisor within the Trojan Academic Advising and Support Center for specific details about the AAGS degree requirements and also see below.

  • Enrolled on main UA Little Rock campus. UA Little Rock’s Online University students must change to main campus in order to obtain this degree.
  • General Education UA Little Rock Core – 35 Hours
  • Directed Electives – 15 Hours: Choose from any 1000-level or 2000-level General Education course in UA Little Rock Core categories.
  • Free Electives – 10 Hours: Choose any class (must be 1000-level or higher). Can include a First Year Colloquium Class.
  • Overall – Must have 2.0 GPA and at least 15 hours completed at UA Little Rock.

Setting a Standard Since 2003

The Trojan Academic Advising and Support Center coordinates the AAGS Degree and is dedicated to continually assessing the program to optimize its benefit for the students that it was designed to serve.  Although the UA Little Rock Core Curriculum has been the foundation of the AAGS since Fall 2003, it was not until the passage of ACT 182 in 2009, that Arkansas set a University’s core curriculum requirements, as the required foundation courses for the designated transfer degree.

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