Ronia Kattoum PhD Defense scheduled!

On April 17, 2024, Ronia Kattoum will defend her thesis! Please contact Dr. Mark Baillie for a zoom link or location of the in-person defense. We are thrilled that Ronia has also accepted a tenure track faculty position at Roosevelt University for the fall of 2024!

Pi Day Celebration

Our local ACS student group had a fund raiser where people could donate to ACS with the end goal of having faculty members’ get “Pi’ed”. I volunteered to get a pie to the face if I was one of the top donation getters. Turns out, I “won”! Even got my picture in the local newspaper:

Presenting at SABER West

Maria Waite, an undergraduate researcher in our team, presented at SABER West in California in January 2024!

Guest Visitor

Dr. Tessa Andrews visits UA Little Rock and the Baillie Research Group in November 2023!

During a 3 day visit to Little Rock, Dr. Tessa Andrews came to give our research and institutional change initiatives a huge boost! She ran 2 workshops (one on teaching evaluation and valuing teaching) and one on how to implement effective teaching practices for generative learning.

Pictures from the trip:

Conference Presentations

Ronia Kattoum has been busy in October 2023!

Ronia presented a poster at the Midwest ACS Conference in St. Louis:

Ronia also presented a poster AND a talk at the International Learning Assistants Alliance Conference in Boulder, CO.