Curriculum Guide for CLC Students

The Chancellor’s Leadership Corps has a four year curriculum guide. Class enrollment is limited to CLC scholars which ensures smaller class sizes and class engagement. Each course is designed with the scholars and their futures in mind. All coursework is interactive, engaging, hands-on, and designed upon the foundations of theory. Year 1 and Year 2 courses are required for all scholars.

Year 1: Freshman Year

During the fall semester, the focus is ensuring a smooth transition from high school to college and helping scholars map out their four year journey through college and developing as college leaders. During the spring semester, the focus is on developing the scholars into a mentor and become certified peer educators. Students are required to complete PEAW 1300 (Fall) and PEAW 2124 (Spring).

Year 2: Sophomore Year

The CLC Leadership Practicum (sophomore year of program) is a fall-only course. During this time, scholars learn about the foundations of a professional leader. Specific coursework is geared towards their career aspirations. One specific component of this course is for scholars to interview an individual that shares their same career aspiration. Students are required to complete PEAW 3124 (Fall).

Year 3: Junior Year

Junior year is designed around internships and experiencing study abroad. While neither is a requirement of the program, the experience and knowledge gained through these experiences are irreplaceable.

Year 4: Senior Year

Senior Year is designed to help scholars finalize their resume, complete their portfolio, master interview skills, and begin applying for jobs and/or graduate school. The ultimate goal is for scholars to have either a career, graduate school, or graduate assistant position waiting for them upon graduation.