The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is continuously working to provide you with accurate and reliable information regarding the coronavirus pandemic. The university is open. Please refer to the University Directory to contact a department.

Masks Are Required On Campus

Face Mask

UA Little Rock requires that students, faculty, staff, and guests, regardless of vaccination status, in indoor public settings where physical distance cannot be assured in accordance with CDC guidance, wear a face mask. Regardless of physical distancing, masks are required in classroom/laboratory spaces and advising offices. Reasonable exceptions may be permitted for certain settings and activities that follow guidance established by public health agencies and/or by external governing bodies such as athletics conferences and the NCAA.

A cloth face covering, disposable face mask, or similar face covering that covers the mouth and the nose as recommended by the CDC is required and may be used as a face mask. A face shield may also be worn, but will not serve as a substitute for a face mask. 

Coronavirus Campus Guides

COVID-19 Campus Guide, Version 6
Student Campus Guide, Fall 2021 

On Aug. 2, 2021, the University Transitioned to Phase 4
Easing of Physical Distancing Measures: During phase four, employees and students are allowed on-campus with eased physical distancing restrictions. Phase four is expected to signify a general return of normal campus operations; a lifting of physical distancing restrictions, and resumption of general travel, meetings, and events. We will continue to monitor on-campus coronavirus status to determine if policy changes are required.

View data regarding positive cases on campus.