The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is continuously working to provide you with accurate and reliable information regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The university is open. Please refer to the University Directory to contact a department.

Update for Fall 2021: UA Little Rock Announces Plans and Preparations for Fall

COVID-19 event capacity increase: Effective March 2021, the capacity limit for events has increased. Events with 25 or fewer participants are permitted without vice chancellor approval. Events with more than 25 participants require vice chancellor approval. The event capacity change will be reflected in the next version of the COVID-19 campus guide.

Coronavirus Campus Guide

COVID-19 Campus Guide
Student Return to Campus Guide

Mask Requirement

Effective March 2021, the mask requirement on the UA Little Rock campus will remain in place until further notice.

UA Little Rock requires that all employees, students, and visitors wear a face covering on campus in all indoor settings with limited exceptions (e.g. when eating). Face coverings will be required in outdoor settings where social distancing cannot be maintained, also with limited exceptions. A cloth face covering, disposable face mask, or similar face covering must cover the mouth and the nose as recommended by the CDC. A face shield may also be worn but will not serve as a substitute for a face mask.

While on campus, individuals should physically distance themselves at least six feet away from others.

Learn more about the personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitization materials.

COVID-19 Screening and Monitoring

COVID-19 screening toolIndividuals must self-screen daily. In order to keep the campus community safe, UA Little Rock is utilizing a new COVID-19 Screening which provides employees and students daily information about their ability to return to campus. The screening provides a date- and time-stamped red or green indicator that can be shown for the rest of the day on individual’s phones when they enter spaces on campus.

A separate process will be developed to accommodate individuals without a smartphone. Although use of the app is not required, it is strongly encouraged for on-campus students, employees, and visitors.

To help assure privacy, no identifiable information is collected through this app. See the screening questions and read more information about the tool.

View data regarding positive cases on campus.