The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is continuously working to provide you with accurate and reliable information regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Please refer to the University Directory to contact a department.

The university is currently in Phase 4.

Face Mask Policy

Face Mask

Effective Monday, Feb. 28, UA Little Rock’s face mask policy is updated to recommend (but not require) wearing a face mask on campus.

  • Face masks are recommended at this time, especially where physical distancing can’t be assured.
  • UA Little Rock encourages the use of disposable medical masks in addition to, or instead of, single-layer cloth masks for additional protection.
  • KN95 face masks, in addition to disposable medical masks, are now generally available through Central Stores warehouse in Facilities Management. Building captains have the revised Central Stores personal protective equipment (PPE) requisition form that includes KN95 masks. The approval for PPE items by a Dean/Director remains the same. There is no charge to units for PPE supplies obtained from Central Stores. Building captains have placed a sign near building entrances that state where a face mask may be obtained.

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