Dr. Joyce Carter | Finalist in the NFL’s 1st & Future Competition

Faculty Spotlight : Dr. Joyce Carter

Dr. Joyce Carter, Chair of the Rhetoric and Writing Department, is filled with excitement this weekend as her company,EyeGuide was a finalist in the NFL’s 1st and Future Super bowl startup competition. The competition is designed to prompt novel advancement in athlete safety and performance.

Dr. Carter and her co-founder Brian Still entered EyeGuide’s product, EyeGuide Focus which tests neurological impairment by tracking a person’s eye movements. It takes 10 seconds for EyeGuide Focus to collect 1,200 data points on eye movements for baseline tests, sideline tests and return to activity tests.

Here’s an example of the test.

Being a finalist in the competition has brought attention to the groundbreaking eye-tracking technology that is paving the way for new neurological impairment research.

“It’s like a thermometer for the brain,” Dr. Carter said.

EyeGuide Focus is to the brain as a thermometer is to body temperature. The optical nerve is directly linked to the brain and therefore, a foolproof way to measure neurological impairment.

“Whether we win the NFL competition or no, just being part of it is great.” Dr. Carter said. “We’re right on the edge of doing something really, really exciting.”

EyeGuide Focus was created in a similar lab to UA Little Rock’s Crux Lab. Dr. Carter hopes that the crux lab will be an instrument students use to problem solve and create similar innovative work.



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