Student Spotlight: Jesse Horton, Criminal Justice Senior

Jesse Horton, a criminal justice major, won both the Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) award and the Undergraduate Research Signature Experience Awards for this semester.

“I’m still shocked that I receive both of them,” Horton said.

Horton is in the thick of his research on the low impacts of socioeconomic disadvantages in juvenile case dispositions in Arkansas.

Horton, along with his mentor, Dr. Molly Smith are examining the influence socioeconomic status has on minor sentencing and what role extra-legal factors (i.e. age, race, and gender) play in their sentencing.

During his first semester at UA Little Rock, Horton took a victimology class with Dr. Molly Smith.

“The way that she taught the class really made me very intrigued in criminal justice,” Said Horton.

Horton gives Smith credit for his accomplishments thus far.

“She really was the inspirational driving force, showing me that I can accomplish anything that I want to do,” said Horton.

Once the research is complete, Horton plans to present its findings at a few conferences during his first semester of grad school.

Horton is expected to graduate in May and wants to complete both his masters and doctorate in criminal justice.

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