Alumni Spotlight: Devin Sorrows

Devin Sorrows, an alumnus of our Anthropology program, described himself as your “quintessential nerd” who enjoyed reading fantasy and science fiction books when he was younger.

“I particularly loved reading about human evolution, world history, ancient folklore, and different cultures,” Sorrows said.

Despite his love for these topics, Sorrows didn’t think he could pursue a career path that would allow him to hone in on these interests.  It wasn’t until he enrolled in the Anthropology program at UA Little Rock, that he realized, a career involving human evolution, world history, and different cultures was possible.

While in the program, Sorrows’ biggest goal was to become a successful archeologist and for the last 5 years, he has done just that!

Sorrows currently works for a private cultural resources management (CRM) firm in central Arkansas. Here, he performs archeological surveys for federal agencies, tribal nations, state agencies, municipal governments, and private companies.

“I can honestly say that I love what I do,” Sorrows said. “I am able to travel across the country, all the while learning about this country’s cultural and historic heritage.”

Sorrows credited his experience at UA Little Rock for his successful career thus far. As well as for the inspiration to pursue his Masters.

“The Anthropology Program at UALR opened so many new doors for me,” Sorrows, said. “Remembering the litany of opportunities I was offered at UALR as an undergraduate, I was compelled to enroll in the Public History Program at UALR in 2017.”

Sorrows is now nearing the end of his Master’s program and reflects on how this program will accelerate his career.

“The guidance and opportunities I’ve received throughout my graduate program are acting as a springboard into my career as a professional archeologist,” Sorrows said.

To a young Devin:

“Don’t be afraid to chase your passion,” Sorrows said.


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