Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP)

About the Program

The UALR College of Social Sciences and Communication applies theory and research to drive social change and inspire human expression, reflection, and interconnection. The CSSC Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP) was designed to foster meaningful relationships between alumni mentors and student mentees that will help students better navigate their career path. Mentors are CSSC alumni who are passionate about helping students develop skills for the workplace and expand their professional networks. The program also offers an important opportunity for alumni mentors to engage with the CSSC community and experience a rewarding relationship with a mentee who is eager to learn from them.

Through the wonders of technology, we invite alumni from around the world to be part of the Program.

How will it Work?

Mentors and mentees will each complete a profile, which includes their major, industry, demographic information, and career history/interests. Mentor/Mentee pairs will be selected by the college with the goal of best matching pairs aligned with their current and future professional goals (dependent upon availability of mentors/mentees). If the mentor accepts their request, the mentor and mentee can then get in touch. In their first meeting, the mentor and mentee are expected to work out a mentorship agreement, which outlines how long the relationship will last (typically 3-6 months), how they will communicate with one another, and both parties’ objectives, so that mentors and mentees understand the other’s needs and expectations for the relationship.

IMPORTANT: While we do our best to make to make the best match possible, not all matches will align directly to a specific area of interest.

The program is designed to be flexible for busy alumni mentors and mentees. Mentors and mentees have complete control over the mentorship relationship and can decide how the relationship will work. Although the we strongly recommends that pairs connect for at least 1-2 hours each month in order to fully form a mentorship connection. Pairs are able to utilize any of these options available to meet: in-person, email, phone, or video chat.

Program Overview:

  • Mentors or mentees complete an online application form.
  • Mentor/Mentee Pairs are made before Winter Break 2019.
  • We provide online resources and orientation/training for mentors/mentees.
  • Mentoring Pairs meet and decide together the parameters of the relationship, such as how often and how you will meet to set your goals for the relationship. Pairs meet either in person or via email, phone, or video chat.

Follow this link to visit the Resources for Mentors page.

Follow this link to visit the Resources for Mentees page.