College Assessment Strategy

The College of Social Sciences and Communication is committed to supporting program assessment that is sustainable in its implementation, usable in practice, and accountable to students, faculty, stakeholders, and mission. In addition to these commitments, the CSSC promotes the value of continual improvement in the assessment of student learning, and will make available annual reports on program assessment, summary reports of the assessment process, and a clearinghouse of program assessment plans.

The CSSC Assessment Committee, comprised of faculty from each academic unit in the college, meets regularly to support these commitments and to provide a faculty-led and evidence informed approach to assessment. The committee receives and evaluates reports, provides feedback on plans, and makes recommendations to the CSSC Dean regarding the strategic allocation of assessment funds. The Associate Dean of the college tasked with support for assessment serves with this assessment committee and produces the annual summary of assessment.

In addition to meeting Arkansas Department of Higher Education accreditation standards, UALR’s Master in Public Administration program is externally accredited by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA).  NASPAA is the chief independent accrediting body for master programs in public administration, public policy and public affairs in the United States.  NASPAA’s standards assure employers and students that UALR’s MPA degree meets the needs of the public administration profession.

College Assessment Committee 2016-17

Name Department
Chair: Kristen McIntyre Applied Communications
Bob Lytle Criminal Justice
Kwasi Boateng Mass Communication
Mike Craw, Peggy Scranton Public Affairs
Lisa Sherwin Psychology
Cindy Nahrwold Rhetoric and Writing
Sarah Beth Estes Sociology and Anthropology

College Summary Reports on Annual Program Assessment

Each year, the CSSC Office of the Dean publishes on this website an annual summary of assessment activity by the CSSC Assessment Committee. This summary report is also forwarded to the Provost Assessment Advisory Group.

2014 CSSC Annual Assessment Summary Report

2015 CSSC Annual Assessment Summary Report

2016 CSSC Annual Assessment Summary Report

Assessment Plans and Reports by Department

The college also maintains a repository of annual program assessment reports and current program assessment plans.