College Committees

Assessment Committee

The College Assessment Committee (CAC) shall coordinate assessment activities​ ​and promote the value of meaningful and manageable assessment processes.​ ​Final assessment reports submitted to the CAC should be posted on department​ ​websites. These reports should reflect the impact of assessment on student​ ​learning and effective teaching practices.

The CAC shall review assessment plans, alterations to assessment plans, or other​ ​changes in assessment from each academic unit in the college. It shall also​ ​review assessment reports on a regular schedule from each academic unit. This​ ​committee may request revisions of assessment reports.

The Committee shall ensure there is a publicized​ ​timeline for academic units to​ ​prepare and submit all appropriate materials.

Assessment Committee Members

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee shall have the following functions:

  • To identify and select recipients of any college-level awards to students
  • To select the college recipients of university-level awards. For this function only, to meet university requirements, the College Assembly President shall appoint one student and one alumnus of the college to serve on this committee. The two shall be from separate academic units
  • To identify and award a College Distinguished Alumnus Award to an outstanding graduate of the college
  • To work with the dean’s office on any other college-level awards for community members, faculty, staff, or students
  • To work with the dean’s office to arrange for awards and an annual awards ceremony
  • To coordinate with academic units in the college in the recognition of additional outstanding students as selected by each academic unit

Awards Committee Members

Communication Committee

Faculty Advisory Committee

College Curriculum Committee

The College Curriculum Committee shall review, interpret, and recommend ​changes in all graduate and undergraduate programs, including interdisciplinary​ ​and other programs involving other units. It shall recommend approval or​ ​disapproval of curriculum proposals, off-campus programs, online, certificate,​ ​and new academic programs.

The College Curriculum Committee shall be comprised of two subcommittees, ​the Undergraduate Curriculum Subcommittee and the Graduate Curriculum​ ​Subcommittee. Each subcommittee shall elect its own chair.

Graduate Curriculum Committee Members

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Members

College Policy and Governance Committee

The College Policy and Governance Committee shall advise the dean on academic and administrative policies of the college. Any member may provide agenda items and any formal recommendation made by the committee to the dean shall be reported to the faculty using the currently accepted means as well​ ​​as at the next meeting of the College Assembly.

The College Policy and Governance Committee may address policy issues that​ ​include but are not limited to the creation, governance, and roles of flexible​ ​faculties in the College; changes in policies or structures that can increase​ ​interdisciplinary cooperation; sharing of resources across units; facilitation of​ ​community outreach efforts; and establishing new standing or ad hoc​ ​committees as circumstances warrant.

College Policy and Governance Committee Members

Research and Creative Activity Committee