8.16.05 – Minutes

Cyber College Assembly
Meeting Minutes
Date: August 16, 2005
Location: ETAS 233

  1. Attendance: Total of 42 members present. Members that where present:
    • Dean’s Office: Good, M., Bruhn, R.
    1. Staff Representatives:
      1. Applied Science: Hawk, R., Anderson , G., Cang Ye, Qingfany He, S. Jennings , Hayder Al Shukri
      2. Computer Science: Bayrak, C., Geoghegan, S., Minsker, S., Tang, P., Yoshigoe, K., Remji Seker, Srini Ramaswamy, F Milanova
      3. Construction Mgt: Tramel, M., Blacklock, J., Ray, C., Xie, H., J Woodard, J Carr
      4. Engineering Tech: Midturi, S., Bakr, M., Menhart, S., Pidugu, S., Tschumi, P., C. Hancock
      5. Information Science: Burris, K., Dagtas, S., Lowry, C., Karlson, N., Tudoreanu, M., Wigand, R., Xu, X., Ningning Wu, O Murphy
      6. Systems Engineering: Mohan, S., Chan, Y., Jovanovic, N., Liu, X., Reddy, R., H. Al-Rizzo, J Zhang, J Kim
  2. Dean’s Report
    1. Dean Good provided update on CyberCollege activities.
    2. Plans are underway to expand the engineering offerings with mechanical systems and electrical systems options. Funding for this is available and the curriculum has been approved by the department.
    3. Joe Swaty has made more industry contacts than ever before.
    4. Srini Ramaswamy has been appointed the Chair of the Computer Science Department.
    5. Recuritment and retention are one of the most critical issues facing the College.
    6. Joe Swaty emphasized new updates on CyberCollege website. The Dean also emphasized the importance of keeping the site updated.
  3. New Business:
    • Schedule a meeting after resolving Promotion & Tenure and Joint Appointment issues.