Assembly Minutes 10/26/07

October 26,  2007


Members that where present

Dean’s Office:  Bruhn, R., Good, M.

Staff Representatives:

Applied Science:  A. Bhattacharya, H. Al Shukri

Computer Science: S. Minsker, R. Seker, S. Ramaswamy, F. Milanova, C.-C. Chiang; Geoghegan, S.

Construction Mgt: Tramel, M., Ray, C.

Engineering Tech: Bakr, M., Tschumi, P., H. Patangia, Srikanth, P., George T.

Information Science: Ningning Wu, Jennings S., Ravindrakumar, V. (student rep)

Systems Engineering: Mohan, S., Chan, Y., H. Al-Rizzo, J Zhang, I Nisanci, G. Huang, R. Babiceanu, Reddy R., Iqbal K.


Started at 1:00 PM

I. Welcome (Steve Jennings)

II. Building updates and SYEN 1310: Introduction to Systems Engineering, activities of our students during summer 2007 (Russel Bruhn)

III. Faculty Initiatives (Steve Jennings)

Motion made by Gary Anderson to form a committee on research infrastructure and seconded. Later decided to be considered as “old business” to be carried out for next meeting as a quorum call indicated a lack of a quorum.

IV. Courtesy Appointment (Steve Jennings)
Joint appointment issue, proposal by Steve to be considered by Policy and Personal committee. Dr. Bakr suggested to name it “assignment” rather than appointment.

V. New Business (Pete Tschumi)
Midterm grades for all 1000-level courses; College senators to develop formal motion for future consideration.

Adjournment at 2:05 PM.