August 20, 2002 Meeting Minutes

Cyber College Assembly

August 20, 2002 Meeting Minutes
Meeting started at 10:00 AM and adjourned at 11:00 AM
1. Attendance:

There were four Deans, six staff, and forty faculty members present.
2. Introductions:

Meeting was called to order by President George Tebbetts at 10:00 AM. The other Assembly Officers were recognized: Vice President Nick Jovanovic, Secretary Mike Tramel, and Parliamentarian Pete Tschumi. New faculty where introduced by each department and Mike Tramel circulated a sign-in sheet.
3. Reports:

  • Dean Mary Good presented the Cyber College annual report and emphasized that the College Budget was not as strong as it has been in the past. Legislative funding is going to be limited due to statewide financial problems. Grant funds will become very important in dealing with the budget problems.
  • The College objectives were presented in a memorandum that was distributed to the Assembly. Dean Good stressed the need for student recruitment, especially at the high school level, by each department. Engineering Technology and Construction Management where commended for their efforts.
  • Information Technology and the Information Technology Minor have been made part of the Information Science department.
  • Systems Engineering and Construction Management’s accreditation issues where discussed with the latter’s self-study report due by December 1, 2002 and the visit scheduled for early next year.
  • Systems Engineering and Information Science will be graduating their first students this academic year.
  • Industry involvement with the Cyber College has been on the rise due to the efforts of staff and faculty, but the time has come to seek Industry support on a National level.
  • Dean Good presented the Graduate Institute of Technology report for Director Keith Hudson. GIT has been extremely active in research at all levels with tremendous success at the Federal level. GIT also has the responsibility for space allocation and renovation within the College and has provided the necessary area for robotics. The Colloquium Program has been reduced due funding problems.
  • Dean Good announced that there has been no report from the Chancellor or Provost concerning the new constitution that was submitted for review and approval.

4. Open Forum:

  • Dean Good requested questions and discussion from the Assembly.
  • The Advisory Board for the Cyber College has not been finalized and this needs to be accomplished soon.
  • The Cyber College has been awarded a NASA grant to study student recruitment.
  • The Development Office stated that the new Cyber College building was a priority.
  • WebCT is fast becoming an excellent teaching tool for faculty and students.
  • The upcoming faculty training days are a great opportunity for the new faculty.

5. Closing Remarks:

George Tebbetts complemented the efforts for the grant.

Pete Tschumi commented that members of the Senate had received favorable comments from outside the University.

The Assembly was reminded that College committees would meet as soon as the Assembly meeting ended. The meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM