EIT Representatives to University Committees

The EIT Assembly elects representatives to the following University Committees:

  1. Committee on Committee (one person for a one-year term)
  2. Faculty Appeals Council (one person for a two-year term)
  3. Graduate Council (three people for staggered three-year terms)
  4. Tenure Committee (two people for staggered two-year terms)
  5. Undergraduate Council (two people for staggered two-year terms)
  6. Faculty Senate (five people for staggered two-year term)

This means that each year at the final spring EIT Assembly meeting that an election is held to choose:

  1. One person for the Committee on Committees
  2. One person for the Faculty Appeals Council (only during even years)
  3. One person for the Graduate Council
  4. One person for the Committee on Tenure
  5. One person for the Undergraduate Council
  6. Two persons for Faculty Senate in odd year; Three persons for Faculty Senate in even year

There are a number of other University Committees who have appointed members; these committees do not necessarily have representation from every College. Please contact the EIT Committee on Committees representative should you desire to be appointed to one of these committees.

  1. Policy Advisory Committee
  2. Publications Committee
  3. University Health and Wellness Committee
  4. Behavioral Standards Committee
  5. Student Affairs Committee
  6. University Judicial Affairs Committee
  7. Catastrophic Leave Committee
  8. Academic Integrity and Grievance Committee
  9. Academic Calendar and Schedules Committee
  10. Academic Technology and Computing Committee
  11. Admissions and Transfer of Credit Committee
  12. Athletics Committee
  13. Faculty Research Committee
  14. Faculty Teaching and Service Development Committee
  15. Honors and Awards Committee
  16. Library Committee
  17. Planning and Finance Committee
  18. Undergraduate Research Council
  19. Faculty Governance Committee

Current EIT Representatives (year term expires):

* Chair
+ Secretary


Committee on Tenure

  • Abe Nisanci (19)
  • Andrew Wright (20)

Committee on Committees

  • Hank Bray (19)

Undergraduate Council

  • Steve Minsker (19)
  • Nick Jovanovic (20)

Graduate Council

  • Mary Yang (19)
  • Laura Ruhl (20)
  • Yupo Chan (21)

Faculty Senate

  • Nick Jovanovic (19)
  • Mike Tramel (19)
  • Michael DeAngelis (20)
  • Lashun Massey (20)
  • Beth McMillan (20)

Faculty Appeals Committee

  • Edi Tudoreanu (19)

Councils on Core Curriculum and Policies

  • Michael DeAngelis (20)
  • Josh Spinler (21)

Academic Integrity and Grievance Committee

  • Vacant
  • Vacant

Academic Calendar and Schedule Committee

  • René Shroat-Lewis (19)

Academic Technology and Computing Committee

  • Bruce Bauer (20)

Admission and Transfer of Credit Committee

  • Lashun Massey (20)

Athletics Committee

  • Jim Carr (19)

Faculty Professional Development Committee

  • Mariofanna Milinova (19)

Honors and Award Committee

  • Josh Spinler (19)

Library Committee

  • Amin Akhnoukh (19)

Planning and Finance Committee

  • Beth McMillan (19)
  • Carolina Cruz-Niera (20)

Student Research and Creative Work

  • Laura Ruhl (19)
  • Ashok Sharma (20)

Faculty Governance Committee

  • Beth McMillan (20)

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