February 28, 2003 Meeting Minutes

Cyber College Assembly

Date: February 28, 2003 Meeting Minutes
Location: ETAS 234

1. Attendance: Total of 30 members.

Dean’s Office: Good, M., Mitchell, W.
Staff Representatives: Young, K.
Applied Science: Hawk, R., Bhattacharyya, A., Thompson, G.
Computer Science: Ford, C., Bayrak, C., Chiang, C., Jones, J., Milanova, M., Minsker, S., Tang, P.
Construction Mgt: Niles, L., Tramel, M.
Engineering Tech: Midturi, S., Luneau, D., Menhart, S., Pidugu, S., Tebbetts, G., Tschumi, P.,
Information Science: Bruhn, R., Burton, P., Dagtas, S., Karlson, N., Lowery, C., Wigand, R., Xu, X.
Systems Engineering: Chan, Y., Kim, J.

2. Call to order and approval of minutes:
Meeting was called to order by President Tebbetts at 1:40 PM. The minutes from January 15, 2003 where presented and approved.

3. President Tebbetts introduced Dean Mary Good who gave a Cyber College update.

  • Budge Items: Dean Good reported that the current budget had passed the senate without discussion and should be signed by the Governor later this week. This is a major step for the College since we have been operating on UALR’s reserve. The quality of the Cyber College faculty and their accomplishments helped to get the budge passed by the legislature. A special thanks goes out to Bill Walker for the assistance that he and his staff provided with the budget. The bad news is that there will be a 2% for UALR and some cuts for the College. Vic Synder was instrumental in getting federal monies for the College in terms of equipment, minority recruiting, and transportation analysis research.
  • Accreditation Issues: Dean Good stated that the Computer Science department had just been re-accredited for six years without any concerns.
  • Advisory Groups: Dean Good committed on the importance of Industrial Advisory Groups for continued support of the College and indicated that the Construction Management program’s Advisory Board provides tremendous scholarship support.
  • Graduate Students: There are currently 65 students in the Ph.D. program.
  • Recruiting: Al Hampton and Katie Young have done a tremendous job in recuriting statewide with only seven counties not being represented by students within the College. This was very instrumental in convincing the Legislators to fund the College. Recuriting was also emphasized at the Chancellors meeting and is vital to the College and the University.
  • Dean Good expressed the gratitude that the Cyber College has for the valuable support that the University has provided and that in the future the College must begin to stand on its own.

4. Pete Tschumi reported on the following items:

  • College Algebra: The Engineering Technology department had expressed concerns about the mastery level of students in regards to college algebra. The Math department is going to do a pilot program that requires more mastery before students are allowed to advance. Dean Good expressed concerns over the issue and stated that the content must also be addressed.
  • Retention Problem: The College must find a solution to the retention problem and is currently working on a solution.
  • Cyber College Constitution of the Assembly: There is only one item that needs to be approved by the Chancellor and it pertains to selection of department chairs. Dean Good expressed that the current language implied that the faculty had more authority than recommending to the administration. The item is still within the Executive Committee and only needs to be reviewed by the Chancellor.

5. Adjournment: President Tebbetts adjourned the meeting by motion and voice vote, at 2: 19 PM.