EIT Open House

On April 17, 2020, EIT will host the fifth annual EIT Open House/Showcase. The event will showcase student work (capstone projects, thesis/dissertations, and research).

Each department will be assigned an area for the displays/showcase displays.

Awards will be given to the best projects. Previously, over $1500 was awarded. For example, the Dean will provide an award to the best one minute elevator speech (an elevator speech is one minute summary of the project – after one minute the dean will walk away from your display). Other awards will also be given so at least one student should be at the display during the 1PM to 3PM timeframe. These awards will be given at the annual EIT awards event will be held in the EIT auditorium (3:30 to 4:30 reception and at 4:30 the awards ceremony – expected duration 110 minutes).

Submit your project now!


Requirements for Posters

For posters the dimensions should be: 36” x 48”. If you have questions please contact: Dean Lawrence Whiman at lewhitman@ualr.edu or stop by EIT 639.