Student Research and Creative Works Committee

  Appointed Members of the Student Research and Creative Works Committee, AY21-22


Terms ending 2022

Terms ending 2023

College of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, and Education (3 reps; 2 year term)  Kirk Leach (1st Meeting Organizer) Kensuke Yamada

Nathan Marvin

College of Business, Health, and Human Services (3 reps; 2 year term) Jason Kushner

Janea Snyder

Gaurav Kumar
Donaghey College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (3 reps; 2 year term)  Soheil Saedi

Noureen Siraj

Ottenheimer Library (1 rep; 2 year term) Chelsea Young
 Undergraduate Student named by Committee on Committees (1 year term) Lauv Patel
Ex officio Members (all without vote)
Position Represented
editor of Forum TBD
editor of Equinox Kathy Bates
editor of Quills and Pixels TBD
faculty advisor of Forum Carlton Rhodes
faculty advisor of Equinox Jeffrey Condran

H.K. Hummel

faculty advisor of Quills and Pixels TBD
Student Affairs representative TBD
designee of Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Dean Brian Berry

Past Membership