Policy Advisory Council


Policy Advisory Council Membership
Office Member
 President Joanne Liebman Matson
 Immediate Past President  Ed Anson
 Vice President of the Faculty Senate Mariya Khodakovskaya
 Secretary of the Faculty Senate  May Atkins
 Parliamentarian of the Faculty Senate Rosalie Cheatham
 Undergraduate Council, Chair  Zac Hagins
 Graduate Council, Chair  tba
 Council on Core Curriculum and Policies, Chair  tba
 Faculty Appeals Council, Chair   tba
 Planning and Finance, Chair   tba
 Committee on Tenure, Chair   tba
 President of the Staff Senate  Ross Bradley
 President of the Student Government Association  Thomas Forcum
 Student Affairs Representative tba
 Assembly Member tba
 Assembly Member tba
 Staff Member (VC Development) tba
 Staff Member (VC Finance and Administration) tba
 Staff Member (VC Academic Affairs) tba
 Staff Member (VC Student Affairs) tba