Narcan Dispensers

UA Little Rock has installed 33 opioid overdose kits across campus. These kits provide Naloxone, an opioid overdose reversal medication. These will improve the capacity of bystander rescuers to save the lives of victims of opioid overdose.

Instructions are provided in the kit, and all UA Little Rock staff, faculty, and students are also encouraged to review the 20-minute SafeColleges Opioid Overdose Kit training (search for Opioid Overdose Response Awareness).

How do you know if someone may have overdosed on an opioid?

Common signs are respiratory failure, slow breathing, small pupils, unresponsiveness, or blue skin from poor circulation.

Will it hurt them to give Naloxone if they haven’t used an opioid?

No, the Naloxone is harmless if given to someone who doesn’t need it.

Can anyone administer the Naloxone?

Yes. In-person training is not required. Instructions are provided on this site as well as inside the kit itself. The kit has instructions to call 911, as well as if and when to give a second dose of Naloxone.

Could the person sue me for giving them Naloxone?

No. According to Arkansas Take Back,

The Opioid Antagonist Immunity Act (2015) SB880 allows individuals to administer naloxone in good faith without civil liability, criminal liability, or professional sanctions. The purpose is to enhance the emergency services of first responders, to create the naloxone access act, and to provide immunity for prescribing, dispensing, and administering naloxone and other opioid antagonists.

The following map shows the locations of the opioid overdose kits as well as automated external defibrillators.


Building By AED Room Location
Bailey’s Alumni Center No 124 North wall just inside main entrance
Children’s International No General Next to back door on West side of main entry area
Coleman Sports Complex Yes General Clubhouse Room on N. side of building
Dickinson Hall Yes 120 On wall across from main elevators
Donaghey Student Center Yes General Outside Food Court
Donaghey Student Center Yes 106D Behind front desk at Fitness Center
Donaghey Student Center Yes 102 Health Services
East Hall – Residence Hall Yes General Behind front desk
EIT No 105 On 1st floor wall between elevators and stairwell
ETAS No General Inside front door to the left
Facilities Mgmt – Admin Offices Yes 209 SE corner of Main Floor Hallway
Fine Arts Yes 101-A Outside Rm 101-A, across from ticket will-call
Gary Hogan Field (Baseball Complex) Yes 101 Training/Practice Building – West wall by water fountain
Jack Stephens Center Yes 073 Derek Fisher Court
North Hall – Residence Hall No General near stairs at NE corner
Nursing Yes General 2nd Floor Hallway – Outside elevators
Ottenheimer Library Yes 104 South wall, just south of main welcome desk
Parking Deck No General 1st floor elevator lobby
Reynolds Business Yes General Just inside East main entrance, by Stairwell #4
Ross Hall Yes 100 SE wall in main entry foyer
Science Lab Yes General On wall south of elevators
South Hall – Residence Hall No General near stairs @ NW corner
SSC No General Main East entrance lobby, next to vestibule
Stabler Hall No General 1st floor elevator lobby
Theater Annex No General Inside main Annex front door to the right in the main hallway
Trojan-A No 106E Starbuck’s Coffee on north side of center column facing food line
University Commons No Hallway 2nd floor – main hallway
University Village Clubhouse Yes Clubhouse Clubhouse entryway
W.H. Bowen School Of Law Yes General 1st Floor Law School Library, next to main entrance
W.H. Bowen School Of Law Yes 309 3rd Floor, outside Rm 309
West Hall – Residence Hall No General By M101 near stairs
Windgate Art & Design Yes General Main Hallway outside 270
Wrestling Center Yes 113 South wall of main wrestling room


Opioid overdose is currently the leading cause of death among adults 50 years old and younger in the United States. Without immediate intervention, opioid overdoses can quickly lead to death.

How to Use Naloxone Nasal Spray

This 30-second video shows how to administer naloxone nasal spray to someone experiencing an opioid overdose.

How to Use Naloxone Nasal Spray (:30)

30-second video on how to administer naloxone nasal spray to someone experiencing an opioid overdose.

The NaloxBox Story

The NaloxBox mission is to improve the capacity of bystander rescuers to save the lives of victims of opioid overdose with overdose response tools, including naloxone.

The NaloxBox Story captioned

Uploaded by Sharon Ann Downs on 2024-03-05.

Image of Spanish Language Narcan Instruction Guide

Click here for a PDF document with Narcan instructions in Spanish.

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