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UA Little Rock Professor Publishes New Book on Positive Communication for Leaders

Professor Julien Mirivel
Professor Julien Mirivel

Dr. Julien Mirivel, a professor of applied communication at UA Little Rock, has written a new book that teaches people how to become effective leaders using positive communication.

Co-written with Dr. Alexander Lyon, a professor of communication at the State University of New York, Brockport, the book provides a practical model of positive communication that will build unity, inspire change, and create positive relationships in organizations.

The book, “Positive Communication for Leaders: Proven Strategies for Inspiring Unity and Effecting Change,” is available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

In the book, the authors provide a clear roadmap for leaders to connect genuinely with people, create strong relationships, foster a positive team that achieves great results, motivate, influence, and inspire others, and make a workplace of compassion, mutual support, and fairness.

“The book focuses on six critical behaviors that leaders can focus on to create more meaningful relationships with their employees, to create stronger teams, and to create an overall positive workplace environment,” Mirivel said. “That is something that people are very concerned about in today’s world. People want to feel valued and to work at a place where they are treated fairly and can grow and develop.”

When the book was released on Amazon in July, it was ranked first in communications and business communication books as well as the No. 1 new release in communication reference, business management, and communication in management book categories.

Drawing on decades of research in the fields of communication and leadership and combined experience consulting and training leaders across many professions, the authors offer concrete practices and strategies to lead effectively, create community, and inspire positive change.

Arvind Singhal, the William J. Clinton Distinguished Fellow at the Clinton School of Public Service, describes the new book as “one of the most significant books of the decade in the communication discipline.”

The book ends with a communication plan that can serve as a roadmap for people who want to become positive leaders.

“Books can often be motivational and inspirational, but you don’t always know what to do at the end of the book,” Mirivel said. “This book ends with a very concrete communication plan that a leader can enact right now. Reading about positive communication is nice, but our ultimate goal is for people to use what they learn in the book.”