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Graduating Student Finds Success at UA Little Rock

Mary Mezue
Mary Mezue

After earning her bachelor’s degree in finance from Covenant University in Nigeria, Mary Mezue said a simple birthday phone call led to a major change in life.

“I had this colleague who left our office and came to UA Little Rock,” she said. “I called on his birthday, and he told me about the school.”

With a keen eye for data-driven insights and a passion for problem-solving, Mezue, who is graduating with a master’s degree in business information systems and analytics from UA Little Rock, now has her sights set on a promising career as a data analyst, poised to leverage her skills and knowledge to drive organizational success and innovation.

If Mezue could choose just one word to describe her time at UA Little Rock, she would call it “fulfilling.” She has spent her time serving as a senator on the Student Government Association, a student ambassador for the College of Business, Health, and Human Services, and a senator for the National Society of Black Engineers.

“I feel like my time as a student has touched on every aspect that I wanted it to touch on,” she said. “I started in the finance space, and I wanted to learn more about technology because I started working in the tech industry back in Nigeria.”

She also got to spend the summer of 2023 experiencing what it was like to live in Austin as she worked as a product manager intern for Expedia Group.

“I got to leave Arkansas to see another part of the U.S., and it was a great experience,” Mezue said. “I got to experience a new city, work within a product team, and learn the ropes of how Expedia operates. The internship really helped me improve what I do as a graduate assistant at COSMOS.”

As a member of the Collaboratorium for Social Media and Online Behavioral Studies (COSMOS) Research Center, she worked as a graduate assistant for Blogtrackers, a social computational research tool that tracks and analyzes blogs and bloggers in real-time world events, as well as in outreach, which involved publicizing the achievements of COSMOS and fellow self-described cosmographers.

“I feel excited about graduating,” Mezue said. “It’s been an exciting two years, and I’m looking forward to the future.”

Her future involves a new career working for Acxiom as a digital technical data consultant following her graduation from UA Little Rock. Mezue has had a positive relationship with the company, having been selected as one of the 2023 recipients of the Acxiom Diversity Scholarship program, which she describes as one of her favorite memories from her time at UA Little Rock.