UA Little Rock students participate in a Digital Forensics class and learn how to collect digital evidence recovered from electronics at a mock crime scene. Photo by Ben Krain.

UA Little Rock Students Learn Digital CSI Skills

A UA Little Rock classroom recently could have passed for a crime scene in the popular television show “CSI.” Students in the Digital Forensics class were met with crime scene tape, markers, evidence bags, and inventory sheets. The most conspicuous thing missing from the “crime scene” was the body. Continue reading “UA Little Rock Students Learn Digital CSI Skills”

Becky Passmore

Profiles in Cybersecurity: Becky Passmore

To celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is profiling those in the Trojan community who are involved in cybersecurity. Meet Becky Passmore, an information technology specialist and senior forensic examiner and program coordinator for the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as an adjunct instructor for UA Little Rock.

Continue reading “Profiles in Cybersecurity: Becky Passmore”