UA Little Rock/Saline Memorial Hospital Pathways Scholarship

Please review the following application for the 2021 UA Little Rock/Saline Memorial Hospital Pathways Partnership. This exciting funding opportunity is made possible by a partnership with Saline Memorial Hospital and UA Little Rock Nursing.

2021 application period is closed.

Sponsorship Package

Saline Memorial Hospital will provide a $1,375/semester sponsorship to each student in the Pathway Program for a maximum of four semesters ($5,500 over the course of the program). This sponsorship package will be structured as a loan and subject to forgiveness on a monthly basis as long as the student remains in the Pathway Program through graduation and employed by Saline Memorial Hospital for a minimum of 24 months following graduation from UA Little Rock.

Application Requirements

  • Be accepted to the UA Little Rock Nursing Program
  • Be able to complete all required general education courses by the end of the fall term.

Program Requirements

  • Participation in a minimum number of Saline Memorial events/programs
  • Attend monthly meetings with the Student Success Coordinator
  • Participation in mentoring activities
  • Meeting with an advisor and/or tutor in the event of unsatisfactory test scores and/or performance in the clinical setting
  • Participate in training at one or more of Saline Memorial campuses
  • Submit an application for employment with Saline Memorial prior to graduation
  • Employment at Saline Memorial for a minimum of 24 months