Seeking Racial and Ethnic Justice

A campus and community resource for all matters related to race and ethnicity.


The mission of the Anderson Institute on Race and Ethnicity is to seek racial and ethnic justice in Arkansas by remembering and understanding the past, informing and engaging the present, and shaping and defining the future.


  1. To foster sustained awareness of the issues of race and ethnicity.
  2. To provide research-based information and informed policy recommendations on issues of race and ethnicity.
  3. To build bridges and seek reconciliation through dialogue among people of different racial and ethnic groups.
  4. To provide formal study opportunities for students to learn about race and ethnicity through courses, related projects, and independent scholarship.
  5. To serve as an information clearinghouse for campus, community, and statewide initiatives and activities related to race and ethnicity.
  6. To hold the University of Arkansas at Little Rock accountable for becoming a diverse, multi-ethnic community characterized by an absence of institutional racism.