Gloria Ray Karlmark, The Little Rock Nine

Gloria Ray Kalmark registered to attend Central High for her junior year. After the 1957-58 school year, she completed her high school education in Kansas City, Missouri, since no high schools were open in Little Rock during “The Lost Year.”.

Ray went on to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and mathematics from the Illinois Institute of Technology. She has worked as a systems analyst, technical writer, and patent attorney for businesses such as International Business Machine’s (IBM) Nordic Laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden, Philips Telecommunications in Hilversum, and Philips Lighting in Eindhoven.

Karlmark also founded and was editor-in-chief of Computers in Industry, an international journal of computer applications in industry.

Her Experience in 1957
“It would put me in doubt about my very existence,” she said. “Some things are worth dying for. I stopped being me. I became what was a very important principle, every day in school.”

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