Crime Log/Fire Log

IncidentReport DateOffense DescriptionLocationLocation NameArrest DateStatus
20-001657/9/2020 23:46Refer to INJURY/ILLNESS REPORT5820 Asher AVEUniversity Police Department Bldg 1Active
20-001647/7/2020 15:40Property Damage Report2724 Fair Park BLVDActive
20-001637/7/2020 13:14INFORMATION2200 Coleman PlaceUniversity Village Coleman PlaceActive
20-001607/4/2020 17:23Property Damage ReportUniversity AVEUniversity AveActive
20-001587/1/2020 9:10Property Damage Report2801 S University AVEReynolds Bldg Bldg 33Active
20-001566/25/2020 13:07CRIMINAL MISCHIEF - 1ST DEGREE PROPERTY OF ANOTHER VALUE $500 OR LESS2801 S University AVEEngineering Information Technology Bldg 32Active
20-001546/22/2020 11:10INFORMATION3200 Coleman Bldg 1C CT C136136Active
20-001516/21/2020 10:15ARREST ON WARRANTS5820 Asher/University AVEUniversity Plaza Parking Lot6/21/2020 9:48Closed
20-001506/18/2020 20:54Other Agency AssistS Taylor STS. Taylor StClosed
20-001496/16/2020 12:37CRIMINAL MISCHIEF - 2ND DEGREE / PURPOSELY TAMPERS2801 S University AVEDickenson Hall Bldg 27Active
20-001476/12/2020 14:09Refer to INJURY/ILLNESS REPORT2801 S University AVEProcurement Office Bldg 4Closed
20-001456/10/2020 16:12INFORMATION3200 Coleman Bldg 4Dairy Lane CT D412412Active
20-001436/5/2020 23:11Refer to INJURY/ILLNESS REPORTCampus DRCampus Dr.Closed
20-001426/5/2020 9:56Mistakenly Generated ReportClosed
20-001416/5/2020 9:56INFORMATION2801 S University AVEOttenheimer Library Bldg 22Closed
20-001396/4/2020 21:45Refer to INJURY/ILLNESS REPORT3200 Coleman Bldg 2C CTUniversity Village Apartments Coleman Ct. Bldg 2Closed
20-001386/2/2020 11:26INFORMATION3200 Coleman Bldg 4C CT C418418Awaiting Information
20-001366/2/2020 0:59Other Agency Assist29th / Fair ParkActive
20-001355/31/2020 13:09Refer to INJURY/ILLNESS REPORT1201 Mcmath STLaw SchoolClosed
20-001335/28/2020 17:50Other Agency Assist3101 S Taylor STCommons Building Bldg 41Closed
20-001325/25/2020 5:51INFORMATION3101 S Taylor North Hall STNorth Hall Bldg 42Closed
20-001315/24/2020 5:26Property Damage Report5732 Asher AVEActive
20-001305/20/2020 9:05Non Traffic Property Damage Report3200 Coleman CTUniversity Village Apartments OfficeClosed
20-001295/19/2020 11:42VEHICLE TOW5820 Asher/University AVEUniversity Plaza Parking LotClosed
20-001275/17/2020 6:00Refer to INJURY/ILLNESS REPORT5820 Asher AVEBig LotsClosed
20-001255/12/2020 0:42Other Agency Assist2801 S University AVEWindgate Center of Art & Design Bldg 46Closed
20-001245/11/2020 3:50Refer to INJURY/ILLNESS REPORT3101 S Taylor North Hall ST N210210Closed
20-001627/6/2020 9:00FIRE ALARM2801 S University AVERoss Hall Bldg 12Active
20-001617/5/2020 4:50FIRE ALARM2801 S University AVENano Technology Bldg 26Closed
20-001597/2/2020 13:52FIRE ALARMColeman CTUniversity Village Coleman CourtClosed
20-001576/29/2020 21:44FIRE ALARM3101 S Taylor South Hall STSouth Hall Bldg 44Closed
20-001556/25/2020 9:59FIRE ALARM2801 S University AVEEngineering Information Technology Bldg 32Closed
20-001536/22/2020 6:14FIRE ALARM2801 S University AVEStabler Hall Bldg 17Active
20-001526/21/2020 22:01FIRE ALARM3101 S Taylor South Hall STSouth Hall Bldg 44Closed
20-001486/15/2020 22:18FIRE5515 W 32Nd STMetro Student UnionClosed
20-001466/12/2020 9:29FIRE ALARM3101 S Taylor South Hall STSouth Hall Bldg 44Closed
20-001446/10/2020 10:42FIRE ALARM3101 S Taylor East Hall ST E512East Hall Bldg 43Closed
20-001406/5/2020 7:52FIRE ALARM3101 S Taylor East Hall ST E512East Hall Bldg 43Closed
20-001376/2/2020 4:15FIRE ALARM2801 S University AVETheater Center for Performing Arts Bldg16Closed
20-001345/29/2020 12:28FIRE ALARM2801 S University AVENano Technology Bldg 26Closed
20-001285/17/2020 13:04FIRE ALARM3101 S Taylor North Hall ST N410410Closed
20-001265/12/2020 11:40FIRE ALARM Smoke from Burned Cooking3101 S Taylor East Hall ST E515515Closed

*CSA – Campus Security Authority (other)