Guidelines for Teachers

If you have questions or suspect difficulty adhering to any of these guidelines might prevent you from participating, please contact Kris McAbee.

Photography and Video Release

Agreeing to these guidelines grants the Shakespeare Scene Festival at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock the right to use photographs or video from the event in all forms and media for the purposes of promotion. Participation in the Shakespeare Scene Festival includes the release of UA Little Rock and all legal representatives from any liability by virtue of the lawful use of the photographs or videos taken at the event. To register for the event, you must affirm on the registration form that you have read this release and the festival guidelines and are familiar with their contents.


It is imperative that you keep Kris McAbee and the SSF volunteers informed of the details regarding your participation in the festival. If any of the below guidelines causes a problem, or any of your registration details change, notify Kris immediately (by email

Arrival & Buses

Students should come directly to the lobby of the Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall in the Fine Arts building. Buses should park in Lot 13 on 28th Street. (See Map.)


The Shakespeare Scene Festival will usually begin each day at 9:30 A.M. and will end around 1:00 P.M., depending on the number of performances. Schedules will be distributed in advance of the festival to confirm details. Each company’s cooperation with these guidelines is necessary to keep the festival running smoothly on schedule. You are encouraged to invite your students’ parents to attend your company’s performance or the whole festival, time permitting. Students and teachers are expected to stay to watch the all performances for their assigned day.

Audience Decorum

Audiences are expected to extend to other performers the same courtesy and attention they would appreciate while onstage. Stress to students the importance of exiting and entering the main stage area only between performances. Cellular phones must be turned off during performances. Please, no picture taking. No food or drink is allowed in the concert hall.

Students will not be allowed to leave their seats during performances and must be accompanied by a SSF volunteer if a bathroom break is necessary. All students are expected to abide by both UA Little Rock’s and their own institution’s codes of conduct. If a group engages in disruptive behavior or fails to follow these guidelines, the SSF may not be able to host that group’s teacher or school in the following year.


Performances should be no longer than 25 minutes. Between performances, the Master/Mistress of the Revels will lead the audience in games and activities, during which the company that has just performed will return promptly to their assigned seats and the next company will prepare backstage.

A volunteer will lead your company/companies backstage approximately 5-10 minutes before your start time. Depending on the number of performances, we may not be able to schedule more than 5 minutes of backstage preparation, so please plan accordingly and communicate your needs to Kris McAbee.


The Master/Mistress of the Revels will introduce your group(s). If you want the Mistress or Master to say more than our own SSF program provides, please get a copy of your introduction (or one of your playbills) to her or him.


You are welcome to provide playbills for your performance(s). You may distribute these before the performance or set them out on tables located at the entrances to the main stage.

Stage Facilities

Prepare students to project their voices. There may or may not be microphones. If you require an outlet for CD players or similar devices, you must notify Kris McAbee of such needs in advance. We will not be able to accommodate requests for technology made on the days of the festival.

Sound and Lighting

UA Little Rock Department of Theater and Dance staff and students will be running the the sound and lighting technology. They are happy to accommodate your sound and lighting needs but you will need to provide them with a script including light/sound cues. Alternatively, a member of your company can join them at the soundboard to signal these cues.


Be sure to bring only minimal, necessary properties. No liquids will be allowed on stage. Anything left behind by your company will be thrown out. You will be assigned a small area in the wings for your company’s props. Stress to your students that they are to use only their own props. Students who disturb the props or belongings of other companies will not be allowed to perform.


The Shakespeare Scene Festival is not a competition. However, there will be games and activities between performances for participation in which prizes will be awarded, time and supplies permitting.


Please notify UA Little Rock dining services if your students plan to eat lunch in the student union (501-569-3361) so that they are prepared for the additional crowd. No food or drink is permitted in the auditorium.