Expect More: Jolesha Holder

Nursing student Jolesha Holder shares how UA Little Rock prepared her for her future. “My experience at UA Little Rock was like no other. It built so much confidence in me, and now I can feel like I can do whatever. I feel that they prepped me to work in any area of the hospital that I want to.”

Whether you are seeking new knowledge and training to become a registered nurse or are a practicing professional taking your next career step, we have a nursing program that fits your needs. Our associate degree prepares graduates to sit for the NCLEX, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing is designed to progress students through all competencies of nursing, and the BSN completion degree enables working RNs and recent associate or diploma graduates to continue their nursing education online.


Career Opportunities

  • Registered Nurse
  • Nurse Manager

Potential Employers

  • Arkansas Heart Hospital
  • Baptist Hospital
  • CHI St. Vincent
  • Saline Memorial Hospital
  • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


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