Teach a Sample Class at Experience!

The Office of Admissions is excited to feature faculty at Experience with sample classes for prospective students! Experience is a recruitment event that will take place on Thursday, March 30. High school seniors and transfer students will attend this event and take two sample classes taught by UA Little Rock Faculty.

Take this opportunity to showcase an interesting or required course to prospective students! It’s the perfect way for them to get a taste of your program and decide if it is the right fit for them.

Are you an interested member of the faculty?

Here’s what your commitment will look like:

  • Teach a 30-minute sample class that is exciting and engaging for prospective students.
    • You can include a short introduction (5 minutes) to your class at the beginning to increase interest and give prospective students an expectation of the program experience and career outcomes.
  • Reserve a room for your class.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early to have your class set up before students arrive.
  • Complete the form to let Admissions know you are going to participate by March 23.


  • 3:45-4:15 p.m.
  • 4:30-5 p.m. – Timeslots full

Admissions staff will act as a host, escorting students to your class and their next destination.

2023 Class Options

Here is a list of the current class options:

Dept./School Name of Sample Class Short Description
Art & Design From Flesh-eating Pelicans to Ugly Babies: Understanding Northern Renaissance Art This short Art History lecture/discussion will examine paintings from the Northern part of Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries. It will help students recognize the style of the period and decipher the code of symbols that would’ve been understood by people of the time.
Art & Design Foundations of Art Education This course is an introduction to the field of art education focused on K-12 practices. The content focuses on inquiry into art ed theory, contemporary art, child-centered pedagogy, and curriculum construction.
Information Science / Web Design and Development Building the Internet of Tomorrow Learn about careers and the technologies associated with the Modern Web.
School of Business Name that Tune: Law in Music Industry Name that Tune! Through the music of Led Zeppelin, Katy Perry, Robin Thicke, Marvin Gaye, and Taylor Swift, this class will explore music industry copyright and trademarks.
Music West African Drumming This course will allow students to learn basic technique of djembe and dun-dun, as well as play a West African drum rhythm.
School of Literary & Performing Arts Literary & Performing Arts MakerSpace A showcase of the makers in the literary and performing arts.
Physical Science/Chemistry The Pascal’s Christmas Tree of Electronic Structures You will learn how to use a mathematical method based on Pascal’s Triangle, to predict the electronic structure of any atom in the periodic table. This is one of the very important concepts needed to learning quantum mechanical principals and the quantum nature of matter.
Applied Communication Connection not Perfection: Communicating Confidently When we communicate to connect, we create better relationships. Be assured you can be a positive influence with good communication skills.
School of Criminal Justice and Criminology Criminal Justice Monopoly – Don’t end up in jail! “Do not pass Go and do not collect $200″…Come explore the world of criminal justice. Through the luck of the dice and your quick decision making ability you could win our game of criminology monopoly (say that five times fast: criminology monopoly). Plus maybe find yourself interested in a career of crime, crime prevention that is!
Applied Communication Applied Communication: Conflict Management This course helps individuals with their ability to understand and then manage conflict in organizations, groups, and personal relationships effectively. The course covers how best to respond to conflict, how to manage the influence of stress and anger on conflict management, conflict styles and patterns, negotiation, mediation, and more! The course uses in-class activities, including popular movie/film applications, to understand the factors and dynamics of conflict resolution better and to develop effective conflict management skills that include forgiveness and reconciliation.
School of Public Affairs Games and Conflict in International Relations We use games to understand cooperation and conflict among countries.
CHPR American Sign Language Our ASL Class teaches you American Sign Language and Deaf Culture. Whether you want to be an interpreter or any other profession, ASL will benefit you. In your profession, you will encounter Deaf people and our classes will give you exposure to the language and culture.
History History and Globalization of the Drug Trade What is a drug? How has drug production, consumption and international trade shaped world history? This class analyzes the globalization of the drug trade, past and present, using historical methods and tools from economics, business, health care, and policymakers.
English Creative Writing: Hannibal Lecter and the Mystery of Point of View Creative writers have to make a series of difficult choices, including through whose “voice” the story is told. Using the example of Thomas Harris’s famous character, Hannibal Lecter, we’ll explore how such choices are made.

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