Contact Your Recruiter

If you’re thinking about applying to UA Little Rock, contacting your recruiter is a great way to ask questions and find out more about becoming a Trojan! Whether you’re still in high school, transferring from another college, or live in a different state, our recruiters are here to help you take the next steps. Use the map and corresponding table below to find your recruiter’s name and contact information.

Arkansas Recruiters

Map of counties in Arkansas, color-coded to match their respective recruiters.

Region Recruiter Email Phone
Central Allie Roles 501-551-5457
Northeast Alexis Freeman 501-213-9964
Northwest Rachel Wright 501-551-5458
Southeast Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Southwest Dre Burton 501-366-0057
Statewide Madison Schalk
Transfer Students 501-410-0293
Emily Hartle
Homeschool, GED, Virtual, & Non-Traditional Students 501-353-9050

Recruiters for Other States

Region Recruiter Email Phone
Texas: Dallas & Fort Worth Counties Jeremy Laxton 501-916-5556
Texas: All Other Counties Dre Burton 501-366-0057
Louisiana & Mississippi Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Missouri & Tennessee Alexis Freeman 501-213-9964
Oklahoma Rachel Wright 501-551-5458
All Other States Alex Harbison 501-690-5720

Meet Our Recruiters

Meet Our Associate Director

Arkansas Recruiters by County (A-Z List)

County Recruiter Email Phone
All Counties Madison Schalk
Transfer Students 501-410-0293
All Counties Emily Hartle
Homeschool, GED, Virtual, & Non-Traditional Students 501-353-9050
Arkansas Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Ashley Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Baxter Rachel Wright 501-551-5458
Benton Rachel Wright 501-551-5458
Boone Rachel Wright 501-551-5458
Bradley Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Calhoun Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Carroll Rachel Wright 501-551-5458
Chicot Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Clark Dre Burton 501-366-0057
Clay Alexis Freeman 501-213-9964
Cleburne Alexis Freeman 501-213-9964
Cleveland Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Columbia Dre Burton 501-366-0057
Conway Allie Roles 501-551-5457
Craighead Alexis Freeman 501-213-9964
Crawford Rachel Wright 501-551-5458
Crittenden Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Cross Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Dallas Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Desha Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Drew Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Faulkner Allie Roles 501-551-5457
Franklin Rachel Wright 501-551-5458
Fulton Alexis Freeman 501-213-9964
Garland Dre Burton 501-366-0057
Grant Allie Roles 501-551-5457
Greene Alexis Freeman 501-213-9964
Hempstead Dre Burton 501-366-0057
Hot Spring Dre Burton 501-366-0057
Howard Dre Burton 501-366-0057
Independence Alexis Freeman 501-213-9964
Izard Alexis Freeman 501-213-9964
Jackson Alexis Freeman 501-213-9964
Jefferson Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Johnson Rachel Wright 501-551-5458
Lafayette Dre Burton 501-366-0057
Lawrence Alexis Freeman 501-213-9964
Lee Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Lincoln Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Little River Dre Burton 501-366-0057
Logan Rachel Wright 501-551-5458
Lonoke Allie Roles 501-551-5457
Madison Rachel Wright 501-551-5458
Marion Rachel Wright 501-551-5458
Miller Dre Burton 501-366-0057
Mississippi Alexis Freeman 501-213-9964
Monroe Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Montgomery Dre Burton 501-366-0057
Nevada Dre Burton 501-366-0057
Newton Rachel Wright 501-551-5458
Ouachita Dre Burton 501-366-0057
Perry Allie Roles 501-551-5457
Phillips Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Pike Dre Burton 501-366-0057
Poinsett Alexis Freeman 501-213-9964
Polk Dre Burton 501-366-0057
Pope Rachel Wright 501-551-5458
Prairie Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Pulaski Allie Roles 501-551-5457
Randolph Alexis Freeman 501-213-9964
Saline Allie Roles 501-551-5457
Scott Dre Burton 501-366-0057
Searcy Rachel Wright 501-551-5458
Sebastian Rachel Wright 501-551-5458
Sevier Dre Burton 501-366-0057
Sharp Alexis Freeman 501-213-9964
St. Francis Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Stone Alexis Freeman 501-213-9964
Union Dre Burton 501-366-0057
Van Buren Rachel Wright 501-551-5458
Washington Rachel Wright 501-551-5458
White Alexis Freeman 501-213-9964
Woodruff Janai’ Gray 501-690-7598
Yell Dre Burton 501-366-0057