Reasons to Join the Alumni Association

We know it takes a special person to have the heart of a Trojan. UA Little Rock students and graduates are some of the strongest, most thoughtful, and ambitious people around. What is most impressive though, is their willingness to support and lift up others.

In addition to helping us maintain a strong university to build upon and generating more recognition that adds to the value of a UA Little Rock degree, UA Little Rock Alumni Association membership provides you the opportunity to…

Support Future Trojans

A portion of all membership dues is put towards our Annual Fund that awards over $100,000 each year to more than 30 students!

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the job that I worked each summer was eliminated.  Therefore, I have not been able to save any money to put toward college tuition, books, gas, etc. This is why I was so excited when I found out I was a recipient of the E. Grainger and Frances B. Williams Endowed Scholarship Fund.  I was able to breathe easier knowing that this $1,000.00 will help defray the cost of my college expenses.  Therefore,  I can just concentrate on my studies and not how I will be out to pay for everything.”

— UA Little Rock Senior

Staying Informed

Members of the UA Little Rock Alumni Association receive a monthly newsletter with updates on the campus, new developments, and our “Alumni in the News” section, highlighting graduates that are making moves!

Connect with Fellow Alumni

Members are informed of in-person events, small and large, to meet and network with other former students and graduates. As the old saying goes, “It’s not always what you know; it’s also who you know!” You never know if one chance encounter could lead to your next big break!

More Membership Benefits