Dr. Davis operating equipment in State Farm Business Skills Lab

About Us

The State Farm Business Skills Lab Provides School of Business students the hardware and the software to develop and perfect skills that are vital in all fields. This lab is exclusive to students pursuing a degree within the College of Business and can be used to practice sales pitches, capstone presentations, and mock interviews as well as prepare and perfect competition presentations year-round. This lab makes it easier for students and professors to analyze and perfect a performance.

What We Provide:

  • State-of-the-art lab with 3 available offices for practice, 6 HD cameras, dual monitor computer for multiple simulations and one large HD TV for display and observations.
  • Interact Solutions Software. This software securely captures and records the student’s performance and allows for easy annotations from both the professor and the student.

What We Can Do for You:

  • Provide a training environment that allows collaboration and observation from anywhere in the world and on any device.
  • Live-stream events, presentations, role-plays and meetings.
  • Interactive live chat allows you to collaborate and ask questions without having to be there.
  • Provide unlimited user profiles that give access to live-stream or recorded video on any device.
  • Annotation feature that allows you to critique presentations by embedding them directly into the video using time-slicing.
  • Profiles with different levels of hierarchy and an ability to store documents, handbooks, videos and images to specific profiles (Each department could have documents designated for only their profiles).


  • The Lab Director or UA Little Rock School of Business faculty member must be present during scheduled usage.
  • No Food or Drink in the lab. Period.
  • Be respectful of the equipment.
  • Be patient. Neither the system or the people are perfect.
  • Only the lab director or authorized users are allowed to run the software..
  • Property will not be removed from the lab without prior permission.