Manuscript Collections

The manuscript collections at the CAHC consist of paper documents, audiovisual recordings, musical recordings, oral histories, films, photographs, memorabilia, and born-digital materials from the personal papers, organizational records, and collections of our many unique donors.

Below you will find a brief summary of each of our processed manuscript collections and a link to its finding aid in our online catalog. You can take this list with you by downloading it here.


Allen, William J. Ecology papers

This collection contains correspondence, memos, news clippings, printed items, pamphlets, reports, proceedings of hearings and seminars, and studies about Arkansas’ ecological and environmental issues.

Allsopp, Fred W. papers

This collection contains correspondence, articles, bibliographies, deed and loan agreements, news clippings, and stock certificates, concerning Fred W. Allsopp’s management of the Arkansas Gazette newspaper.

American Association of University Women Arkansas Division and Little Rock Branch collection

This collection contains materials relating to the activities of the American Association of University Women in Arkansas, which were composed of records from the Little Rock Branch and the Arkansas State Division.

American Society for Training and Development, Arkansas Chapter

This collection contains Board minutes, correspondence, newsletters, budgets, treasurer’s reports, news releases, membership information, news clippings, and other materials relating to the activities and events of the Arkansas Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) from 1977-1991.

Arkansas Advocates for Battered Women

This collection contains microfilm, correspondence, meeting minutes, director’s reports, publications concerning domestic abuse, newspaper clippings, reports from the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for the Sixth District and Little Rock Police Department, and drafted state legislation. These items were used to inform the “Advocates for Battered Women Documentary History” created on December 31, 1984.

Arkansas Amusement Corporation

This collection contains the business documents of the Arkansas Amusement Corporation, a company that managed several movie theaters in Little Rock.

Arkansas Briefs and Pleadings collection

This collection contains briefs, pleadings, arguments, and statements, concerning legal issues in Arkansas before local, state, and federal courts and agencies.  These files do not contain all the materials concerning the cases.  The issues concern land claims, Native American rights, the Real Estate Bank of Arkansas, slave contracts, railroad disputes, marriage contract suits, zoning, and civil service suits, boundary disputes, etc.

Arkansas Broadsides collection

This collection includes broadsides educational programs, performing arts, fairs and festival notices/programs, recreational activities, accusations of slander and dirty dealing, land sale notices, and other business advertisements too large for the ephemera collection. It does not include oversize paper items such as poster illustrations, political notices, or legal documents.

Arkansas Conference of Social Welfare records

This collection contains correspondence, agendas, minutes, reports, proceedings, programs, newsletters, news clippings, news transcriptions, and printed materials relative to the Arkansas Conference of Social Work, later known as the Arkansas Conference of Social Welfare.

Arkansas Constitutional Convention records (1969-1970) Fadjo Cravens

This collection includes correspondence and memoranda, committee papers, schedules and reports, background materials relating to the Arkansas Constitutional Convention of 1969-1970, as compiled by William Fadjo Cravens, Jr., a convention delegate. Also included are materials from Arkansans for the Constitution of 1970, a group which campaigned for passage of the new constitution.

Arkansas Constitutional Convention records (1969-1970)

This collection includes amendments, committee proposals, daily convention journals, transcripts, roll call votes, and biographical material on convention delegates for the 1969-1970 Arkansas Constitutional Convention.

Arkansas Constitutional Convention (1980)

This collection contains papers and documents concerning the Arkansas Constitutional Convention held in 1980 to replace the 1874 Constitution.

Arkansas Education Association

This collection contains the project report, interview transcripts, and audio cassette tapes from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Seminar in Public History’s 2008 project, “We Were Always Fighting for Something: A History of the Arkansas Education Association,” directed by Deborah J. Baldwin, Ph.D., which includes a history of the Arkansas Education Association (AEA) and interviews with AEA and Arkansas Teachers Association board members, community leaders, and teachers.

Arkansas Enterprises for the Blind

This collection contains materials relating to the Arkansas Enterprises for the Blind. It includes minutes from Board and Committee meetings, scrapbooks, promotional materials, news clippings, and photographs.

Arkansas Environmental Issues collection

This collection contains reports, studies, impact statements, environmental assessments, evaluations and inventories, procedures, etc. relating to Arkansas environmental issues.  Many of the items were generated under regulations from the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Arkansas Ephemera collection

This collection contains artifacts that are ephemeral by the nature of their temporary application.  These items include buttons, sashes, ribbons, ties, and paper artifacts such as invitations and programs.

Arkansas Gazette business files

This collection contains the business records of the Arkansas Gazette.  The records contained herein consist of financial reports, staff files, legal matters, and printed material.

Arkansas Governors collection

This collection was created to expedite patron access to various materials on the governors of Arkansas.  The collection contains a miscellany of biographical information, correspondence, printed material, newspaper clippings, political addresses, articles/essays, etc.

Arkansas Labor Archives Project collection

The Arkansas Labor Project is an effort to document and present the history of the Arkansas labor movement to ensure that labor’s story will be an integral part of the Arkansas story.

Arkansas Laws-Digests-Rules-Statutes

This collection contains digests, laws, regulations, rules, and statutes relative to various state agencies in Arkansas.  They concern licensing, inspection, taxation, safety codes, registration, certification, and other requirements.

Arkansas Music

The collection contains original manuscripts of music and published music.  It includes songs about Arkansas, music by Arkansans, and music in Arkansas. Music is arranged alphabetically by title.

Arkansas Patriotic Organizations

The collection contains yearbooks, newsletters, conference reports, etc. concerning patriotic organizations in Arkansas.

Arkansas Pioneer Branch of the National League of American Pen Women

The Arkansas Pioneer Branch of the National League of American Pen Women records contains meeting minutes, correspondence, financial records, brochures, publications clippings, press coverage, and photographs that document the day-to-day operations, Pioneer Branch events and contests, the Arkansas Writers’ Conference, and member achievements. There is also a video on the history of St. Vincent Infirmary in Little Rock.

Arkansas Poetry collection

This collection contains poetry and short fiction pieces by Arkansas authors, about Arkansas, or published by Arkansas companies.

Arkansas Political Campaign Cards collection

This collection contains campaign cards and buttons used in elections related to Arkansas’s political candidates running for national, state, county, and municipal offices. Also included are materials concerning proposed acts, city ordinances, amendments, and referendums.

Arkansas Political Science Association records

Correspondence relating to the affairs of the Arkansas Political Science Association, which began in 1974 with approximately fifty members.

Arkansas Poll Tax records

Poll tax lists containing names of registered voters.

Arkansas Poster collection

This collection contains posters relating to Arkansas people and events. These items are announcements of presentations and performances of Arkansas artists, entertainers, organizations, and cultural heritage events.

Arkansas Psychological Association records

Correspondence, minutes, annual programs, membership directories, constitutions, and drafts, relating to the activities of the Arkansas Psychological Association.

Arkansas Public Policy Panel

This collection contains the project report, interview transcripts, and CDs from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Seminar in Public History’s 2013 project, “The Dragon Slayers: A History of the Arkansas Public Policy Panel,” directed by Deborah J. Baldwin, Ph.D., which includes a history of the Arkansas Public Policy Panel and interviews with former and current members and directors.

Arkansas Small Manuscripts collection

This collection contains individual and family papers, political papers, business, government, and organizational records, subject files, and financial records from various individuals, institutions, and corporate bodies in Arkansas, with the bulk concerning Fort Smith, Little Rock, and Van Buren in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

Arkansas Water Quality Issues collection

Contains miscellaneous studies, reports, etc. relating to water issues in Arkansas.

Arkansas Women’s History Institute collection, board files

This collection contains legal papers, board minutes, financial reports, fundraising correspondence and research on fundraising, grant proposals, financial records, board and officer correspondence, biographical information, press releases and news articles of the Board of the Arkansas Women’s History Institute.

Arkansas Women’s History Institute collection

This collection contains various materials collected by the Arkansas Women’s History Institute as part of their mission to collect, preserve, and increase awareness about the role of women in Arkansas history.

Arkansas Women’s Intercollegiate Sports Association (A. W. I. S. A.)

This collection contains meeting minutes, correspondence, membership and tournament records, and financial records concerning the Arkansas Women’s Intercollegiate Sports Association. This collection also contains official minutes and other information for related women’s sports organizations.

Arkansas Yearbook collection

This collection contains Arkansas school yearbooks, including junior and high schools, colleges, professional, and graduate schools.

Ashley, Chester

This collection contains correspondence, legal documents, land records, deeds, title bonds, receipts, promissory notes, maps, and family materials relative to Chester Ashley, a prominent attorney, United States Senator from Arkansas (1844-1848), and early settler of Arkansas.

Ashmore, Harry S.

This collection contains correspondence to and from Harry S. Ashmore between 1947 and 1961, and printed materials, speeches, and news clippings.

Atkinson, J. H.

These personal and professional papers reflect the background of history professor J.H. Atkinson. The materials relate to his teaching career at Little Rock Junior College and the organization of the Pulaski County Historical Society.


Babcock, Julia Bernel  “Bernie” Smade

This collection contains papers dealing with the writings, family history, and public career of the Arkansas author, Bernie Babcock.

Bailey, Carl E. Personal and Political Papers Part One

This collection contains the personal and political papers of Carl E. Bailey, thirty-first governor of Arkansas (1937-1941). In addition to Bailey’s years as governor, this collection documents his terms as deputy prosecuting attorney, prosecuting attorney, and attorney general.

Bailey, Carl E. personal and political papers Part Two

This collection contains the personal and political papers of Carl E. Bailey, thirty-first governor of Arkansas (1937-1941), including correspondence, business records, personal financial papers, legal documents, photographs, and speeches.

Bailey Family

The Bailey Family Papers deal primarily with the papers of H. A. (Ted) Bailey, who was born on December 19, 1900, in Bernie, Missouri.  He married Madeline Bailey in August 1920 and moved to Arkansas in 1922.  Ted Bailey served as campaign manager for his brother, Carl E. Bailey during his political career in the 1930’s. Ted Bailey remained active in politics, and he collected political materials from many state and local elections from the 1930’s to 1958.

Baptist Church Minutes Collection

This collection contains the minutes of various Baptist sects in Arkansas.  This includes the Arkansas Association of Southern Baptists, the Missionary Baptists, and the Primitive Baptists.

Barker, John

Correspondence and other materials related to Lyndon Johnson’s entry into the New Hampshire Primary in 1968 and the Watergate Special Prosecution Task Force (1973-1975).

Batty, Bob

This collection includes books on American pressed glass patterns that Bob Batty collected and ledgers of his original notes from the book he published.

Bizzell, David

This collection contains materials concerning the genealogical and historical interests and administrative duties of David W. Bizzell, Deputy County Clerk and Historian for Pulaski County. These materials include correspondence, legal documents, printed materials, news clippings, and microfilm.

Blind Women’s Home

Correspondence and other materials related to bequests to the Blind Women’s Home in Little Rock, Arkansas.  The collection includes news clippings, wills, and other materials.

Boles, Thomas

This collection contains correspondence, legal papers, and other material concerning the career of Thomas Boles, an Arkansas attorney, soldier, judge, and member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Boyle Realty Company

This collection contains a project report, interview transcriptions, audio cassettes, and floppy discs from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Seminar in Public History 2001 project, “Boyle Realty Company: An Institutional History,” directed by Deborah J. Baldwin, Ph.D., which includes a history of the Boyle Realty Company and interviews with members of the Boyle family.

Brewer,  Vivion L.

This collection contains the papers of Vivion L. Brewer, a Little Rock native who was a founder and chair of the Women’s Emergency Committee to Open Our Schools (WEC) during the Little Rock School Crisis.

Broadsides (Heiskell)

This collection contains oversize materials from various Heiskell manuscript collections and broadsides collected by J. N. Heiskell concerning elections, politics and government, land sales, theater programs, railways, the Civil War, the Little Rock water system, the Arkansas Gazette, telephone companies, the Curtis Motor Car Company, and miscellaneous other broadside materials.

Brown, Robert R.

This collection includes letters, telegrams, printed material, news clippings, and speeches concerning the Little Rock School Crisis in September 1957.

Bumpers, Dale

Gubernatorial papers of Dale Leon Bumpers, thirty-eighth governor of Arkansas (1971-1975). Papers consist of the daily workings of the Governor’s Office, including correspondence, agency records, legislation, interviews, speeches, campaign materials, and news clippings.

Boury, Robert W. music collection

This collection contains the musical composition of Robert W. Boury, Associate Professor of Music at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, which has been composed during his tenure at UALR. It includes songs, commissioned works, the music for the UALR Graduation ceremonies, music for UALR theatrical productions, and concert works.

Byers Newsletter

Merle Eugene Byers was born February 24, 1901, in Coleta, Illinois.  In 1964, he began publishing The Byers Newsletter in Mokena, Illinois.  He wrote on social, economic, and political issues of the day.  Byers moved to Hamburg, Arkansas in 1967 and lived there until his death June 30, 1981.


Cathey, Beth Papers

This collection contains the personal and professional papers of Little Rock social activist and feminist Mary I. “Beth” Cathey. Her collection documents the arts, environmental causes, journalism, politics, and women’s issues.

Centers for Youth and Families

This collection contains a project report from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Seminar in Public History 2002 project, “For the Love of Children: The History of Centers for Youth and Families from an Orphanage to a Family Service Agency,” directed by Deborah J. Baldwin, Ph.D., which includes a history of the Centers for Youth and Families.

Civil War collection (Heiskell)

This collection contains Civil War manuscript materials collected by J. N. Heiskell. The materials include records of Union and Confederate units that served in Arkansas, as well as reports, correspondence, diaries, reminiscences, Confederate currency and bonds, information on ex-Confederates in Brazil, and pension policies and statistics of the former Confederate states.

Civil War records

This collection contains official orders, reports, musters, vouchers, forage records, supply lists, equipage lists, court-martials, etc. for various Union and Confederate units that served in Arkansas.

Clark, John H.

This collection includes arrest warrants, summons, writ of executions, etc. and political writings of John H. Clark. John Halsey Clark was born Dec. 27, 1821, and died Dec. 29, 1911.  He served as Justice of the Peace for several years in Jenny Lind, Arkansas.

Cobb, Osro

Collection contains correspondence, speeches, published articles, photographs, news clippings, scrapbooks, and other materials relating to the professional, political, and private life of Judge Osro Cobb (1904-1996).

Commonwealth Community papers

This collection contains correspondence and legal documents of Commonwealth Community, a co-operative colony established in Polk County, Arkansas, in 1924.  Also included in the collection are the papers of W. A. Gilbert, a Polk County Socialist during the 1930s.

Compton, Susan LaNell

The Susan LaNell Compton papers contain correspondence, photographs, family history papers, and subject files. Her papers also document her education, career in librarianship, and writings on the history of Arkansas and her Christadelphian religious beliefs.

Cotnam, Florence Brown

The collection contains correspondence, news clippings, and miscellaneous materials concerning Florence Brown Cotnam’s political career and activities.  Cotnam was the first woman to address the Arkansas Legislature (1916) and was active in the movement to achieve suffrage for women on the state and national level.

Couch, Harvey

Includes articles, death condolences, and business information.

Cravens Family

This collection contains materials related to the political and professional activities of Ben Cravens (William Ben Cravens), a Fort Smith attorney and congressman.

Creation Science papers

This collection contains papers generated as a result of the passage of Act 590 by the Arkansas State Legislature and by the “Creation-Science Trial.”


Dibrell-Sparks-DuVall-Rector Family

Letters and business correspondence relating to the Dibrell-Sparks-DuVal-Rector family who was early settlers of Fort Smith.

Drew, Charles J. Civil War diary

This diary contains entries written by Charles J. Drew from 1861 to 1864 during his Civil War service in the Union navy on ships patrolling the Missisippi River.

Dunblazier, W. H.

This collection contains the papers of William Hartzell Dunblazier, a Fort Smith attorney and active member of the Republican Party.

Dunn Family papers

The Dunn Family Papers, 1932-2006, chiefly contain items concerning the courtship and marriage of Macel [also referred to as Maysel] Caphine Cross (1917-2003) and A. Henry Dunn (1914-1995) of Dumas, Arkansas.

DuVall, Leland

This collection contains professional materials of Leland DuVall, an editorial columnist for the Arkansas Gazette from 1955 to 1990.


Edelweiss Study Club

This collection contains the minutes and other materials of the Edelweiss Study Club of Little Rock.  The purpose of the club was to promote culture and self-improvement among its members.

Election Laws Institute records

Established in 1970 by Mr. Tom Glaze of Little Rock, The Election Laws Institute (TEL) existed to educate public officials about election laws and to serve as a “watchdog” for election abuses.

Elizabeth Mitchell Children’s Center collection

This collection contains ledger books of minutes, correspondence, financial records, news clippings, photographs, visitor’s registers, and ledger books of donations from the Elizabeth Mitchell Children’s Center.


Collection contains correspondence, booklets, pamphlets, newsletters, etc. concerning women and women’s rights.  ERArkansas was formed in 1972 to lobby for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment Bill.

Evans, Clarence

This collection contains correspondence, research notes, manuscripts, news clippings, printed materials, photographs, maps, and memorabilia collected by Clarence Evans on Friedrich Gerstacker materials.


Faulkner Family

This collection contains the correspondence and other materials of the Faulkner Family from the 1860s to 1953.  The first part of the collection contains letters (original and typescript) from family members to Sandford, Jr., who went to California in the Fall of 1860.  The letters describe living conditions and political affairs in Little Rock and Arkansas from the Civil War through the 1890s.  Other files concern requests for genealogical information by Faulkner Jr.’s daughter.

FBI Little Rock School Crisis report

This collection contains the interviews and investigations conducted by the F.B.I. during the Little Rock School Integration Crisis.

Federation of Women’s Clubs

This collection contains minutes of meetings and conventions, constitutions and by-laws, reports, correspondence, photographs, essays & addresses, historical information, political histories of Arkansas counties, yearbooks, programs, news clippings, and other printed material relating to the Arkansas Federation of Women’s Clubs (A. F. W. C.) and its member organizations.

Fiser, Melba

This collection contains correspondence, handwritten daily notes, signed petitions, reports, contact lists, printed material, and photographs. The material was collected by Melba Fiser, a state coordinator for the Anti-Striker Replacement letter campaign in Arkansas concerning the group’s efforts to gather support for the Strike Participation bill. Included are letters and printed material concerning worker and union member issues in Arkansas as well as items from the 1992 presidential campaign.

Fletcher, John Gould

This collection contains the personal letters, manuscripts, published poetry and prose, and photographs of John Gould Fletcher.

Fletcher-Terry Family papers

This collection contains the accumulated correspondence, diaries, legal documents, ledger books, genealogy, photographs, printed materials, scrapbooks, awards, and memorabilia of three generations of the Fletcher, Terry, and related families.

Frederick, David

These letters are handwritten copies of original correspondence from David Frederick to his niece Allie in Illinois. Frederick owned a store in Carlisle, Arkansas and managed a farm to supplement his income.  His letters discuss life in rural mid-America in the late 19th century.

Furry Family

Collection includes correspondence between grandparents, parents, and children in their everyday lives in the 1920s and 1930s.


Garner, J. E.

This collection contains the personal and political papers of John Edward (“Pat”) Garner, a legislator and journalist from Fort Smith.

Gentry, Leffel and U. A.

Correspondence and legal materials related to Leffel and U. A. Gentry, two Little Rock attorneys.

Glimpses of Yesterday

This collection contains the news clipping of articles by Lucy Marion Reaves Utterback that appeared in the Arkansas Gazette during the 1930s and 1940s.  The newspaper column was biographical in nature and concentrated on 19th-century pioneer families that settled in Arkansas, their origins, and contributions to the state.

Goodman, William Ward

This collection contains letters, work papers, and notes relative to the professional career of William Ward Goodman (1908-1945) during the year 1945 to 1950, and a few personal papers and correspondence.  Goodman served as Director of the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department between 1967 and 1973.

Goodwin, Harvey L.

This collection contains the correspondence and personal papers of Harvey Wilson Goodwin, a Little Rock native who worked as a female impersonator throughout the United States and in Europe from the 1930s to the 1960s.

Gordon, James G.

This collection contains the business papers of James G. Gordon of Ashwood, Louisiana.  The collection also contains the papers of Gordon’s estate, which was administered by John Routh after Gordon’s death, c. October 1854.  Much of the material relates to the estate’s dealings with Theron Brownfield of Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Gosnell, Betty

This collection contains the papers of Betty Tucker Gosnell, a poet from Monticello, Arkansas.

Graham, Bill cartoon collection

This collection contains the original art, clippings, rough drawings, and other materials, of William K. Graham, editorial cartoonist for the Arkansas Gazette.

Graywing, Carol Talbot Gaddy

This collection contains the personal and professional papers collected during the 1970s and mid-1980s by social activist and feminist Carol Talbot Gaddy Graywing.

Greater Little Rock Conference on Religion and Human Relations records

Collection includes minutes of the Steering Committee.

Griffith Family

Collection includes correspondence and legal documents dealing with the families’ land and estates.  Samuel Lewis Griffith was a merchant from Fort Smith [later Little Rock] who married Elizabeth P. Nicks, the daughter of General John Nicks and wife Sarah Perkins.


Hall, Wes

This collection contains correspondence, business materials, printed materials, news clippings, memorabilia, photographs, employee training films, audio tapes, slides and scrapbooks of Wes Hall, founder of Minute Man of America restaurants and other companies.

Hanger, Frances M.

This collection contains scrapbooks of news clippings, mementos and original manuscripts of Frances Marion Hanger, a leader in civic activities and social events in Little Rock.

Heartsill, W. B. W.

This collection contains the professional and personal papers of Willie [pronounced Wylie] Blount Wright Heartsill, a Sebastian County court clerk, postmaster, legislative representative, and union organizer. The materials include records and correspondence generated during Heartsill’s official duties as well as items related to his union activities and position as a receiver for the Southwestern Coal Mining Company. The collection also contains a few files regarding Heartsill’s personal activities and family.

Hanna, Calvin

This collection contains correspondence, photographic prints, and negatives collected by Calvin Hanna, including letters of the Moon family of North Little Rock (1877-1929), a photograph album of downtown Little Rock (1912-1913), photographs of downtown Eufaula, Oklahoma (1904), and the Jane Woodruff (1913-1979) photograph collection (ca. 1900-1950).

Harris, Mary Lee

This collection contains photographs, diaries, correspondence from Mary’s friends and neighbors in Pine Bluff, newspaper clippings, recipes, midwife documents, and books such as bibles and midwife instructionals.

Hawks Family collection of Rockefeller family materials

The Hawks family collection of Rockefeller family materials is comprised of correspondence and ephemera related to Winthrop Rockefeller, collected by family friends, Graham and Marge Hawks.

Heiskell, J. N.

This collection contains the personal and family papers of J. N. Heiskell. It includes family and personal correspondence, genealogical material, material on civic affairs and other organizations, papers concerning awards and speeches, personal writings, biographical material, scrapbooks, news clippings, and material on the Arkansas Gazette, the Little Rock Public Library, and Little Rock city planning.

HISTECON Associates records

This collection contains project files, proposals, reports, publications, and financial records from the organization.

Hoff, Bernie

This collection consists of materials documenting politician Bernard “Bernie” Theodore Hoff’s business, political career, and personal life.

Hoeltzel, Pauline R.

This collection contains materials relating to Pauline Reichardt Hoeltzel.  It includes personal correspondence, photographs, plaques, news clippings, and scrapbooks.  Also included are materials from, Eva Reichardt Massingill, Pauline Hoeltzel’s aunt, and news clippings on Winthrop Rockefeller.

Hogan, Rose

The papers of Margaret Rose Hogan contain her correspondence as well as the minutes, by-laws, membership lists, meeting announcements and other materials pertaining to the Arkansas Country Dance Society, Arkansas Trails Council, Governor’s Subcabinet on Natural Resources, Ozark Society, Rackensack Society, and the Pulaski Group of the Sierra Club.

Holman Family

Correspondence and business receipts of the Holman Family, principally William T. Holman of Little River County.  Holman was a farmer and served as a captain during the Civil War.  Other family members include H. B. Holman, sheriff of Hempstead County (1888-1890), E. J. Holman, and others.

Horizons: 100 Arkansas Women of Achievement

The collection contains completed nomination forms of women included in the book, biographical information of nominees and related photographs.

Household of Ruth

Established in 1856 at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the Household of Ruth was a female auxiliary of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows (colored).  The membership included widows, wives, sisters, daughters, and widowed mothers of the male members of the Order.

Howell, Max

This collection contains the political and personal papers of Max Howell (1915-1999), a prominent Arkansas lawyer and politician.

Huckaby, Elizabeth

This collection contains correspondence, a diary (1958-59), news clippings, general documents, Central High material, book manuscripts, movie script materials, and photographs pertaining to the Little Rock School Crisis and to the subsequent book and film about the crisis.


International Typographical Union #92

This collection contains the records of the International Typographical Union, Little Rock Local 92. The records contained herein consist of correspondence, membership records, minutes, financial reports, legal matters (union law and elections), contracts and negotiations, and printed material.


Japanese American Relocation Center newspapers

Publications from Denson (Jerome), and Rohwer, Arkansas, Japanese-American Relocation Centers.  Contains newspapers written in English and Japanese concerning life and activities in the centers.

Jeffress, Jimmy

This collection contains correspondence, Senate citations, and Senate constituency service case files concerning Senator Jimmy Jeffress. Among the outgoing correspondence are letters to business figures such as Mr. H. Lee Scott, Jr., President and CEO of Walmart, political figures such as Governor Mike Beebe, U.S. Congressman Mike Ross, Governor Mike Huckabee, and Senator Mark Pryor.

Johnson, Yandell

This collection contains the correspondence, business records, architectural drawings, photographs, printed material and news clippings of architect J. Yandell Johnson.

Johnston, Robert

This collection contains information related to Arkansas politics and government in the 20th century.


Kaplan, Phillip E.

This collection contains materials concerning lawsuits that Philip E. Kaplan was involved in as an attorney, 1968-1983.  The lawsuits are related to the Arkansas prison system, the Pulaski County Jail, the International Paper Company, the Grant Cooper/UALR Case, and the Arkansas Creation Science Act of 1981 (Act 590).

Kelley, Harry E.

This collection contains the business files of Harry E. Kelley, a Fort Smith businessman.  The collection includes correspondence relating to Kelley’s wide-ranging business interests in real estate, oil and gas development, railroad construction, and local improvements.

Kennedy, Jon cartoon collection

This collection contains the editorial cartoons of Jon Kennedy, editorial cartoonist for the Arkansas Democrat.  The collection contains cartoon art from the 1960’s through the 1980’s, though not every year is complete.

Klepper-Settle, Ruth

This collection contains correspondence, programs, general documents, news clippings, and photographs pertaining to the Little Rock Central High School Choir and the Little Rock Boys Club Choir.

Knox Family

The collection includes correspondence of the family, genealogical papers, business papers etc. for the Knox Family.  George Washington Knox was in Louisville, Ky.  His father homesteaded the “Knox Plantation” and in 1830, George came to take up residence in Van Buren and take care of the plantation.  He was appointed U. S. Marshall for the Western District of Arkansas.

Kumpe, Roy

This collection contains biographical information, correspondence, certificates, and photographs belonging to Roy Kumpe, long-time executive director of the Arkansas Enterprises for the Blind, lawyer, and former Little Rock City Councilman.


Lay, Henry C.

This collection contains correspondence and other materials of Henry C. Lay, Missionary Bishop of the Southwest.

League of Women Voters of Pulaski County

The League of Women Voters of Pulaski County records contains correspondence, financial records, information on issues and studies, publications and press coverage, and audio and video files that document not only the larger events and studies done by the National League but also the records of day-to-day operations of the Pulaski County chapter.

Ledbetter, Calvin R., Jr.

This collection chiefly concerns Ledbetter’s political career, with the bulk of materials documenting state legislative sessions of 1967-1977.

Lemley, Harry J. Jr.

This collection contains personal letters, postcards, and telegrams from Harry J. Lemley, Jr., to his family in Hope, Arkansas. Most items were written between 1944 June and 1945 September when Lemley served as an Executive Officer, VI Corps Artillery. The letters describe Lemley’s daily life and personal experiences as an officer in the European Theater of Operations during World War II. After the war, he stayed in the military until his retirement in 1971.

Lemley, Harry J. Sr.

Letters received and scrapbook compiled by Judge Harry J. Lemley during the Little Rock School Crisis

Lendall, James (Jim)

Printed material and correspondence relating to activities of a local activist, Jim Lendall.  Printed material includes organizational newsletters, memos and handbooks; selective service regulations; anti-war leaflets, pamphlets, broadsides, and decals; and “underground” newspapers.

Life Interrupted: The Japanese American Experience in World War II Arkansas

This collection contains correspondence, books, periodicals, newspaper clippings, microfilm, photographs, videos, memorabilia, and digital media collected and created by the project, Life Interrupted: The Japanese American Experience in World War II Arkansas, concerning the incarceration of Japanese and Japanese Americans at Rohwer Relocation Center (Desha County) and Jerome Relocation Center (Drew and Chicot Counties) in Arkansas, and includes the project’s administrative files, research files, audiovisual materials from the conference, “Camp Connections: A Conversation about Civil Rights and Social Justice in Arkansas,” (2004), footage for the documentary, Time of Fear (2005), and donations received from individuals concerning Japanese American internment.

Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site

This collection contains the project report, interview transcripts, and audio discs from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Seminar in Public History’s 2010 project, “Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site,” directed by Deborah J. Baldwin, Ph.D., which includes a history of the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site and interviews with the community planning committee for the museum, individuals from the neighborhood, and the museum’s board members.

Little Rock School Crisis

This collection contains printed materials collected by J. N. Heiskell, owner of the Arkansas Gazette, relative to the 1957 Little Rock School Crisis and integration in the Southern states in general.

Little Rock Study Club

This collection contains materials of the Little Rock Study Club which was founded by Mrs. Lester G. McAllister and was organized on January 4, 1926.  The Club was federated with the Arkansas  Federation of Women’s Clubs September 23, 1927.  Mrs. A. H. Merrick was an assistant founder and donor of these materials to the Arkansas Women’s History Institute.  The collection includes programs, minutes, letters, cards, and notes.

Litzke family papers

This collection contains the letters of the Paul R. Litzke family of Little Rock.

Louisiana Purchase Monument papers

This collection contains correspondence, research materials, news releases, news clippings and other materials relating to the dedication of the Louisiana Purchase Monument on June 25, 1972.


McRae, Thomas C.

This collection contains the papers of Thomas C. McRae, banker, lawyer, legislator, U.S. congressman and governor. The collection includes correspondence with principal political figures and businessmen on topics such as postal matters, politics, elections, financial issues, education, business, transportation, taxes, political endorsements, and state charities.


MacArthur Park

This collection contains the project report, interview transcripts, and audio discs from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Seminar in Public History’s 2012 project, “Guns to Green Space: The History of MacArthur Park,” directed by Deborah J. Baldwin, Ph.D., which includes a history of MacArthur Park and interviews with former Little Rock City Council members, individuals who lived in the surrounding neighborhood, former director of the Little Rock City Parks and Recreation Department, former Secretary of State, and others.

Martin Family

This collection contains photocopies of correspondence to the Jared C. Martin family of Fourche Bayou, Pulaski County.

Massey, Mary Johnson

This collection contains a college yearbook kept by Mary Johnson Massey during her freshman year at Galloway Women’s College, 1922 to 1923. The yearbook has information about the instructors and the students at the school and contains various photographs added by Mary with captions that provide biographical information.


This collection contains reports, planning documents, grant applications, surveys, studies, etc. of Metroplan, a local council of governments in the central Arkansas area.  The primary goal of Metroplan is to assist local governments in the central Arkansas area, and private developers to a lesser degree, in planning and development to encourage and make possible the orderly, rational, and most attractive development of the area.

Microfilm Collection (Heiskell)

This collection contains microfilm copies of newspapers, monographs, articles, records of taxation and land surveys, lists of Arkansas postmasters, letters, business records, and genealogy.

Miller, A. H.

This collection contains letters, notes, receipts, and invoices concerning the business endeavors of the Reverend Abraham H. Miller, 1889-1913, and also includes papers from his wife Eliza Miller’s operation of the Plaza Movie Theater, 1917-1922, located in Helena, Arkansas.

Miscellaneous Letter collection

This collection contains miscellaneous letters written by Arkansans or by persons writing about Arkansas.

Mitchell, H. L.

This collection contains personal and professional materials relating to the life of  H.L. Mitchell, co-founder of the Southern Tenant Farmer Union (S. T. F. U). Materials include correspondence, publicity materials, news clippings, and general union papers.

Mitchell, James Papers

Correspondence of the Mitchell family.  James Mitchell was born at Cane Hill, Arkansas in 1832.  He attended Cane Hill College, farmed, taught school in the Choctaw Nation, and in 1860 he was elected to the Arkansas General Assembly.  In 1862, he joined the Confederate Army as a Lieutenant and served in the Trans-Mississippi Department.  After the war, he returned to farming and teaching in Northwest Arkansas.  In 1876, Mitchell moved to Little Rock and became the editor of the Arkansas Gazette.  Two years later he left the Gazette and purchased the Democrat.  Mitchell passed on June 26, 1902.

Mitchell, James speeches

This collection contains seventy-six speeches delivered in the 1890s by Col. James Mitchell, former editor of the Arkansas Gazette and later owner of the Arkansas Democrat.

Moore, John Merrick

This collection contains the correspondence, legal papers, and XV Club records of John Merrick Moore (1880-1954), a Little Rock attorney.  It also contains correspondence and records of some of Moore’s relatives:  Jared C. Martin, Israel M. Moore, John Mordecai Moore, Blakely D. Turner, and William J. Turner.

Samuel P. Moore Estate papers

This collection contains the legal documents and correspondence related to the estate of Samuel Preston Moore. Materials concern settlement of property and estate claims among the descendants of Moore and the Southern Trust Company.

Mountain Meadows Massacre collection

This collection contains speeches, printed materials, government documents, and typescripts relative to the Mountain Meadows Massacre.  The massacre occurred in 1857 when a large group of immigrants, including many from Crawford County, were murdered on their way to California.

Music collection (Heiskell)

This collection contains sheet music and lyrics collected by J. N. Heiskell about Arkansas, by Arkansans, or published by Arkansas publishing houses.


Nation family diaries

Diaries of Frances Nation (born July 28, 1903) and her mother Cornelia Gertrude Nation.

National Dunbar Alumni Association

This collection contains materials pertaining to Dunbar High School, Little Rock’s high school for African American students prior to integration, Dunbar Junior College, which operated in the same building during the period, and records of the National Dunbar Alumni Association.

National Society of Colonial Dames of America

This collection contains record books of the National Society of Colonial Dames of America (Arkansas Chapter).  The record books include society meetings, board meetings, reports of the historian and treasurer, by-laws, applications, list of officers, and other materials.

National Weather Service, Arkansas Section and Little Rock

This collection contains the journals, reports, and bulletins of the National Weather Service. These materials reflect the weather conditions of the United States, Arkansas, Bentonville, Fort Smith, and Little Rock.

Nichol family papers

This collection contains the papers of three Nichol family members:  C. A. Nichol and his sons William and Josiah Nichol–Pine Bluff businessmen of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Nicks, John

Legal documents (c. 1828-1846) including land sales and purchases, also some biographical material on John Nicks.


Oglesby, Ira B., Jr.

This collection contains the papers of Ira D. Oglesby, Jr., a Fort Smith attorney.

Oral History collection

This collection contains interviews, tapes, and substantiating materials.

Ottenheimer, Gus

This collection contains plaques, certificates, photographs, and scrapbook news clippings on Cloverdale subdivision (of Little Rock) belonging to Gus Ottenheimer, Little Rock attorney and partner with his brother Leonard in several businesses and the Ottenheimer Brothers Foundation.

Overton, William R.

This collection contains trial briefs and outlines, trial exhibits and depositions, trial notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings and printed and other materials collected by Judge Overton when he presided over McLean vs. Arkansas et al, also known as the “Creation Science” lawsuit.

Ozarks Regional Commission

This collection is primarily composed of slides documenting crafts created by residents of Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma as part of a survey, Crafts: The Human Dimension, conducted by the Ozarks Regional Commission. There are also reports concerning the artists involved, survey responses, and audiovisual material about tourism in the Ozarks.


Parkhurst, Ted

This collection contains poetry, short stories, photographs, correspondence and business records concerning Parkhurst’s opposition to selective service during the Vietnam War, publishing matters at August House, Inc., and poetry projects at Little Rock schools.

Patterson, Hugh B., Jr.

This collection contains correspondence, financial papers, photographs, memorabilia, and other items concerning the life and career of Hugh B. Patterson, Jr. (1915-2006), the business manager of the Arkansas Gazette. The collection also includes many items concerning the Heiskell family, which Patterson was related to by way of his marriage to Louise Heiskell.

Pearce, Culbert L.

This collection contains correspondence relating to the activities of Judge Pearce regarding revision of the Arkansas Statutes and the Arkansas Constitution.

Pemberton, Walter H.

This collection contains materials concerning lawsuits, correspondence, and manuscripts related to Walter H. and Virginia Carroll Pemberton.

Pernot, Sidney Austin

This collection contains correspondence to and from Sidney A. Pernot (1857-1938), a family man and an active member in the Episcopal Church in Van Buren, and his daughter, Mary Elizabeth Pernot (1890-1987), concerning their family and church life in Van Buren (1873-1955). Also included are legal documents related to the Pernots’ land and property.

Person, Charline

This collection contains correspondence, financial records, and photographs, documenting the life and business affairs of Charline Person who managed her family’s plantation in Garland, Arkansas during the first half of the twentieth century.

Perry, M. R.

This collection contains the business files of M. R. Perry, a Pine Bluff attorney and business owner.

Petty, Judy

The Judy Petty Papers contain correspondence, printing requests for candidates to the Arkansas Republican State Candidates Service Bureau, and schedules and correspondence relating to the National, Southern, Republican, and Midwest Governors’ conferences during the second term of Governor Winthrop Rockefeller.

Pike, Albert

This collection contains letters, speeches, and essays by Albert Pike–attorney, politician, educator, soldier, explorer, Masonic leader, newspaper editor, writer and poet.

Point Gun Club

Organized in Van Buren, Arkansas, October 4, 1892, to protect game and fish, and for the maintenance of the Point Club House.

Political broadsides

This collection contains broadsides and poster-type materials including pamphlets, speeches, campaign literature, etc., related to Arkansas political activities.

Political Campaign cards

This collection contains campaign cards used in elections related to Arkansas’ political candidates running for national, state, county, and municipal offices; also included are political fans and buttons. These materials are related to issues such as initiated acts, city ordinances, amendments, referendums, etc.

Political Handbill and Letters collection

This collection contains handbills and letters used as election materials related to Arkansas’ political candidates running for national, state, county, municipal offices and other voting issues such as initiated acts, city ordinances, amendments, referendums, etc.  Also included are political bumper-stickers.

Porter family papers

This collection contains personal and professional papers, 1902-1996, of Art Porter, Art Porter, Jr., Reverend Robert Yancey, his wife Annie, and their daughter Thelma (Yancey) Minton, who was the mother-in-law of Art Porter.

Postcard collection

This collection contains postcards of Arkansas, including depictions of businesses, churches, hotels, nature scenes street scenes, people and civic and social organizations.

Pulaski County, Little Rock, records collection

This collection contains Pulaski County and Little Rock records relative to taxes, court records, deeds, poll tax and voting records, and miscellaneous records such as pensions, peddler’s licenses, marriage licenses, birth records, registers of county officials, etc.

Pulaski Heights Study Club

Founded in April 1915, to bring together women who shared an interest in literature.  The Club functioned actively until April 1980 when it disbanded because of waning membership.

Purtle, John

This collection contains correspondence and memos; judicial, political, and campaign material; opinions, printed material, and photographs of former Supreme Court Justice John Purtle.


Quapaw Area Council

This collection contains a project report, interview transcriptions, compact disc-roms, and audiocassettes from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Seminar in Public History’s 2004 project, “‘Making a Difference: Scouting in the Quapaw Area Council of Arkansas,” directed by Deborah J. Baldwin, Ph. D., which includes a history of the Quapaw Area Council and interviews with the council’s former president, vice president, scout executive, scoutmasters, and members of scout troops.


Raye Montague papers, 1933-2019

This collection includes records, photographs, and realia pertaining to the life and career of Raye Jean Jordan Montague.

Rebsamen, Raymond

The collection includes materials related to both Raymond Rebsamen’s civic and political activities and Rebsamen Insurance. Roughly half of the collection is personal papers while the other half chronicles Rebsamen Insurance. There are photographs, negatives, correspondence, newspaper clippings, certificates, ephemera, publications, realia, newsletters, newspaper clippings, and promotional materials. The photographs primarily document Rebsamen Insurance. The personal papers are largely certificates, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and ephemera, with a few photographs.


This collection contains miscellaneous vouchers, test oaths, and other records relating to Reconstruction in Arkansas.

Republican Party State Headquarters

This collection contains photographic prints, campaign materials, and biographical information for individuals and organizations related to the Republican Party State Headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas. Folders chiefly contain materials collected by headquarters employees during the period 1967-1971, when Winthrop Rockefeller was governor. Items concern politicians and political events of local, state, and national significance. Also included are materials concerning Republican women and African Americans.

Reynolds, George

This collection contains the personal, educational, political and business papers of George M. Reynolds.

Richardson, Sarah journals

Sarah Richardson was born in Arkansas on February 8, 1886, one of seven children to James and Ella Richardson, both of Tennessee.

Rockefeller, Winthrop

This collection is organized in nine record groups and includes materials on Winthrop Rockefeller’s life from 1912 until his death in 1973.  It documents his activities before he arrived in Arkansas in 1953 and then as a public figure from 1953 until his death in 1973 and as governor from 1966-1970.

Rockefeller, Winthrop Paul

This collection includes the political papers of Winthrop Paul Rockefeller, seventeenth lieutenant governor of Arkansas (1996-2006). In addition to correspondence from Arkansas citizens, business leaders, and politicians, there are business records from the Office of the Lieutenant Governor. There are also subject files and personal interest materials on topics such as the Boy Scouts of America and the Billfish Foundation. Newspaper clippings, photographs, audiovisual materials, and realia are also included.

Roebuck, Johnnie

This collection primarily contains materials related to Roebuck’s service in the Arkansas House of Representatives from 2007 to 2013. Much of the material concerns the Task Force on Higher Education Remediation, Retention and Graduation Rates for which Roebuck was chair. Files on education-related issues compose another large portion of the collection.

Rogers, John H. Family

This collection contains personal letters, land deeds, and speeches of the John H. Rogers Family including Horace Rogers and Josephine Jackson.  John Rogers was a Fort Smith businessman and property owner and served as a U. S. Congressman from 1883 to 1891.  In 1838, he sold the land to the U. S. Government that became the second fort at Fort Smith.

Roots, Logan H.

This collection includes photocopies of letters to Logan Roots from 1862 to 1870, photocopies of printed material and certificates, and genealogical material relative to the Logan H. Roots Family.

Rust family collection

This collection contains correspondence and legal documents of the Rust Family, who settled in Union County in the late 1830s.

Rutledge, Glenn C.

This collection contains the papers of Lt. Col. Glenn C. Rutledge (U.S. Army), commander of Camp Robinson’s German prisoner of war camp during World War II.


Sadler Family

This collection contains correspondence, ledger books, school yearbooks, programs, photographs, family history, and reminiscences about the Civil War.  The Sadler Family came from Alabama to Arkansas in 1824 and resided in the Fort Smith area.

Sanders, Ira

This collection contains correspondence work papers, assorted printed material, news clippings and photographs related to the ministerial career and social involvement of Dr. (Rabbi) Ira E. Sanders (1894-1985) during the years 1917-1922.

Sarver, C. Robert “Bob”

This collection contains Bob Sarver’s files related to his work as an expert witness concerning jail and prison conditions in the United States from the mid-1960’s to the late 1980’s.

Saunders, Earl, Jr.

This collection contains negatives, photographic prints, glass negatives, slides, ledgers, and index cards created and collected by Earl Saunders, Jr., who operated the commercial photography studio, Earl Saunders, Photographer, in Little Rock from 1947 to 1977.

Saunders Theatre Program

This collection contains programs and news clipping reviews of various theatrical performances appearing in Little Rock between 1914-1962.  Programs include plays, minstrel shows, movies, vaudeville shows, operas, musicals, recitals, concerts, follies, revues, local amateur shows, lectures, ballets, magic shows, readings, etc.

Savers Federal Savings and Loan Association

This collection contains minute books and scrapbooks of Savers Federal Savings and Loan Association (1979-1989).  Materials are largely comprised of Savers predecessors, the Pulaski Federal Savings and Loan Association (1906-1936), the Board of Directors and shareholder meetings and their advertising scrapbooks

Scott, John Rice Homer

This collection contains correspondence, subsistence and supply receipts, court-martial proceedings, muster rolls, orders relating to the activities of Capt. John Rice Homer Scott, C. S. A.

Scrapbook collection (Heiskell)

This collection contains various scrapbooks collected by J.N. Heiskell and are a part of the historical Arkansiana collection. Some of the books are miscellaneous in content, containing articles on all aspects of Arkansas history (including Sunday magazine Gazette and Democrat articles) while others contain articles and news clippings related to specific subjects such as Governors Jeff Davis and James P. Eagle or the Peabody School (Little Rock).

Shelton, Bill

This collection includes the newspaper Southern School News and news reports about integration and racial conditions in Little Rock.

Shepherd, William M.

These papers document the life and career of William M. Shepherd (1905-1980), a prominent Arkansas Power and Light business executive who served in numerous city, state, and national organizations, including the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce, the Freemasons, the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce, the Little Rock Rotary Club, the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, and the United Methodist Church. Included in these papers is correspondence pertaining to Shepherd’s personal and family life, financial holdings, business affiliations, church materials, subject interests, newspaper clippings, photographs, audiovisual materials, and realia.

Simon, Charlie May

This collection contains the personal and literary papers of Charlie May Simon.  These materials include correspondence, family and business records, manuscripts, articles, and research notes.

Smith, Rowland B.

This collection contains letters written by Rowland B. Smith during his first nine months of service as a Confederate Army officer.

Stephenson, Roy

This collection contains miscellaneous documents (deeds, civil suits, estate records, inventories, receipts, etc.) relating to legal transactions in Arkansas.  Including 16 legal documents relating to slavery.

Stewart, Albert J.

This collection contains correspondence, telegrams, legal documents, oil run statements, maps, etc. relating to Albert J. Stewart.  Including business correspondence of the business activities of the Stewart-Hamilton Drilling Company in El Dorado, Arkansas.  Legal documents include oil and gas leases, contracts, escrow agreements, and lawsuits.  Other materials include oil run statements, personal and family correspondence, news clippings, newsletter, and printed material.

Strickland, Johnye E.

This collection contains periodical clippings, notes, bibliographies, poems, short stories, and book excerpts, collected by Johnye E. Strickland, concerning 19th and 20th century Arkansas writers and their works. Also included are course materials from Strickland’s courses on Arkansas writers at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Strickland, William A.

This collection contains correspondence, research notes, news clippings, photographs, and maps relating to William A. Strickland’s collaborative research efforts with Frederich Gerstaecker scholar Clarence Evans.


Thompson, Ada Memorial Home

This collection contains minutes, constitutions, financial records, employee records, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other materials relating to the Ada Thompson Memorial Home.

Thompson-Wilcox Family

This collection contains the business and personal correspondence of the Thompson and Wilcox families.  The families were related by marriage and were among the earliest and most prominent settlers of the Van Buren area.

Toland, Robert

This collection contains the correspondence, deeds, and land warrants belonging the Robert Toland.  Toland, who lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, purchased many military bounty land patents for Arkansas Territory between 1820  and 1822.

Townsend, Wallace

This collection contains correspondence, office files, news clippings, printed materials, photographs, and notebooks relating to the career of Wallace Townsend (1882-1978), Republican Party nominee for governor in 1916 and 1921.

Trulock Family

This collection contains the letters of James Hines and Amanda Beardsley Trulock and their slaves Reuben and Orrin.  The letters were written from Georgia and Jefferson County, Arkansas, to the Beardsley family in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Tucker, James Guy, Jr.

This collection documents the personal life and political career of Jim Guy Tucker, Jr., who served as the 43rd Governor of Arkansas from 1992 December 12 to 1996 July 15. His papers include correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, books, and audiovisual material from his time as prosecuting attorney, attorney general, U. S. Congressman, chairman of the White House Conference on Families, lieutenant governor, governor, and post-gubernatorial activities.

Turnbo, Silas

This collection contains the manuscripts of Silas Claborn Turnbo which are reminiscences of Turnbo and others concerning north Arkansas and southern Missouri (Stories of the Ozarks) and the 27th Arkansas Regiment.

Turner Family

This collection contains business files, letters, legal records, diaries, and photographs relating to the Turner family of Van Buren, Arkansas.

Turner, Rebecca Allen

This collection contains letters from William Allen to Rebecca Allen Turner and letters and documents related to Rebecca Allen Turner’s husband Judge Jesse Turner.


United Commercial Travelers scrapbooks

This collection consists of 3 scrapbooks of correspondence, photographs, news clippings, printed material, and other items relating to the Arkansas Grand Council of the United Commercial Travelers of America, a fraternal order of traveling salesmen and businessmen.

United Steelworkers of America, Local Union 325 and Local Union 333

The collection contains materials from the United Steelworkers of America Local Unions 325 and 333. Materials include minute books, cash books, agreement contracts between Reynolds Metals and local unions, attendance-record books, union by-laws, insurance plans, local union manuals, court-case materials, and correspondence.

Upham, D. P.

This collection contains correspondence from Upham to his wife and brother and miscellaneous items.

Utley, Joseph S. journals

This collection contains nine ledger books, diary extracts, photographs, and other materials written by Joseph S. Utley between 1923 and his death in 1943.   The writings document Utley’s daily life during the 1920s and 1930s and include observations of current local, state, and national events of the period.


Walker, David

This collection contains correspondence from various prominent Arkansans to David Walker and other miscellaneous documents.

Wallace, Doug

This collection contains the papers of Doug Wallace, who served in various capacities in the electoral campaigns of Bill Clinton from 1974 to 1978, including the Arkansas Third Congressional District (1974), attorney general (1976) and first gubernatorial (1978) campaign.

Watkins, George C.

This collection contains the ledger books of George C. Watkins, a Little Rock attorney and Arkansas Supreme Court judge during the mid-nineteenth century.

Webb, Kathy

This collection contains the legislative papers of Representative Kathy Webb, of Arkansas’s 37th district, focusing on children, education, the environment, health, and various House and Senate bills.

West, George

This collection includes cassette and reel-to-reel recordings of Almeda Riddle, and other folk singers and storytellers of the Ozark Region.

White, Frank

This collection covers Frank White’s two-year term as governor of Arkansas with a few items dating before and after his time in office. There are also series devoted to criminal justice, boards and commissions, and casework. Political campaign files include lists of names and addresses of potential supporters and financial records, and a campaign sign documenting Frank White’s 1980, 1982, and 1986 gubernatorial campaigns. Much of the collection consists of correspondence between Frank White (often drafted by office staff) and his constituents on a variety of subjects. Gay White’s papers are also included and consist of documents related to Gay White’s role as First Lady of Arkansas and Frank White’s career as director of the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission (AIDC) and death.

Whittington, Hiram A.

This collection contains typescript letters of Hiram Abiff Whittington written to his brother Granville over a period of ten years from Nantucket, Massachusetts, 1824, and from  Little Rock, 1827-1832, and Hot Springs, Arkansas, 1832-1834.  Whittington wrote about politics on the national and territorial level, social conditions, traveling, Cherokee Indians, and noted individuals who were a part of the Arkansas scene or visited the area.

Williams, Francis E.

This collection contains the letters of Francis Williams to his parents and other individuals. The letters include descriptions of Fort Smith, Williams’ work with the Choctaw Agency, the Indian trade, epidemics, trips to New Orleans, and the Civil War.  Most of the correspondence is written from Fort Smith and the Choctaw Agency but there are also letters by Williams written from New York City (1863), New Orleans, Nashville, and Boston.

Williams, E. Grainger

This collection contains correspondence, documents and printed material related to the activities of E. Grainger Williams, a Little Rock businessman, Chamber of Commerce president, and member of the Little Rock University/University of Arkansas at Little Rock board of trustees.

Williams, Harry Lee

This collection contains articles that Harry Lee Williams wrote for his Arkansas Gazette column “Fragments of the Passing Years”, which appeared in the Sunday Magazine section of the newspaper.  The column contained reminiscences of Williams’s childhood, the “old days”, and growing up during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Witsell, Becky Rogers

This collection includes research, handwritten notations, paint anaylses, reports, photographs, financial records, and other materials concerning Becky Witsell’s interior restoration and reconstruction projects in various locations in Arkansas, including the Cathedral of St. Andrew in Little Rock, Historic Washington State Park (including the Block House, Crouch House, Hempstead County Courthouse, Monroe House, Royston House, and Sanders House), Jacksonport State Park (including the Courthouse of 1872 and the steamboat Mary Woods No. 2), Lafayette Hotel in Little Rock, the Moore-Hornor House in Helena, the Old State House, the Powhatan Historic State Park (including the Courthouse and Male and Female Academy), and the Smyrna Church in Searcy. Also included are newspaper clippings and articles concerning Witsell’s career and art exhibits.

Wolfe, Paul

This collection contains correspondence, photographs, postcards, and legal papers concerning Paul Wolfe who served as a JAG during World War II and in the Military Justice Branch during the Korean War. He became an Assistant U.S. District Attorney and was later elected Circuit Judge of the 12th Judicial District.

Women’s Christian Temperance Union (W. C. T. U.)

This collection contains the papers of the Arkansas Chapter of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union.  It includes minutes, proceedings, yearbooks, annual reports, news clipping scrapbooks, printed material, addresses, music, posters, leaflets and handouts, films, and filmstrips. The collection contains both state and national materials on the temperance movement.

Wulbern, Catherine

This collection contains correspondence to a young woman living in Pine Bluff during the early 1930s.


XV Club

This collection contains the organizational materials, presentations, minutes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other materials related to the XV Club of Little Rock, Arkansas.


Y. W. C. A. (Little Rock) papers

This collection contains the papers of the Young Women’s Christian Association of Little Rock, Arkansas, including board minutes, reports, photographs, financial papers, and other materials. The collection also contains some material concerning African American membership in the 1920s.