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The College of Social Sciences and Communication (CSSC) brings together faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends to pursue one common mission: to apply theory and research to drive social change and inspire human expression, reflection, and interconnection. With this mission in mind, CSSC is home to master teachers, engaging scholars, and community leaders.

In teaching, CSSC faculty set the tone for excellence. In fact, there is a long history of teaching excellence across the college. In 2016, Dr. Kathryn King, Assistant Professor of Anthropology won the university-wide Award for Faculty Excellence in Teaching. Dr. Carol Thompson (Applied Communication) won the same award in 2000, Dr. Peggy Scranton (School of Public Affairs) in 2001, and the late Dr. Charles Chastain (Criminal Justice) earned it in 2006. CSSC faculty are skilled teachers who make a difference in the classroom, mentor students, and transform their lives.

CSSC faculty are also leading scholars in their field of study and use their research and creative endeavors to impact practice. Consider a few examples. Whether it is Dr. Timothy Brown researching gang culture in rural Mississippi, Dr. Krista Lewis conducting archeological research in Yemen and Oman, Dr. Joseph Williams developing simulation games to teach public health intervention, or Dr. Rebecca Glazier’s Little Rock Congregations Study, researchers in the college seek to understand their object of study and bring about change.

Finally, CSSC faculty are active servant leaders at the university and in our community. In fact, 4 CSSC faculty have won the university-wide Award for Faculty Excellence in Public Service in the last 8 years: Dr. Juliana Flinn (2009; Anthropology & Sociology), Mrs. Jeanne Rollberg (2010; Mass Communication), Dr. Mary Parker (2011; Criminal Justice), and Dr. Mark Geise (2012; Mass Communication). Our faculty are tapped as leaders across campus, from serving as co-directors of the Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence to Chairing the Institutional Review Board. And we nurture important skills through our public service units such as the Little Rock Writing Project, the Communication Skill Center, the University Writing Center, the STAT Lab, APAC, and more.

Our college is committed to interdisciplinary and applied programs such as nonprofit leadership and management, and community development. We feature professional staff who are experts in their areas and who lead community-based services that make a difference, including University Television, public radio KUAR/KLRE, the Survey Research Center, the Center for Nonprofit Organizations, and the Center for Public Collaboration. These and many other centers in the college provide students with opportunities for applied research and creative activity and to engage with the larger community.

If you are a prospective student looking to find your academic home, I encourage you to make contact with our wonderful staff at the CSSC Advising & Student Support Center – The Link located in Ross Hall 120. They will help you to find your calling and finish your degree. You can make an appointment immediately by clicking here. You can also reach out to the Chair or Graduate Coordinator of each program and learn more about us on this website.

If you are a current student, check out the many resources we provide. I hope you will make contact with us, build connections with faculty mentors, and consider applying for our many college-level scholarships.

If you are an alum of one or more of our great programs of study, please be in touch with us. You can reach me directly at jcmirivel@ualr.edu and connect with Christina Smith, our Director of Development and External Relations, at cmsmith8@ualr.edu. We would love to connect with you and hope you will consider giving to the college to support the dreams and success of our students.

The motto of our college is to dream big. If we do that together, then we can live up to our mission and make a difference in our own lives and the lives of others. So welcome and let’s dream big together.



Warmest Regards,
Julien C. Mirivel, PhD
Interim Dean





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