Bicycle Policy

This policy’s use of the term “bicycle” is understood to include bicycles, roller-skates, in-line skates, scooters, skateboards, and other non-motorized vehicles inclusively.

  1. Every person operating a bicycle on campus shall do so in accordance with the traffic control devices and rules of the road that are applicable to motor vehicles under Arkansas law.
  2. No person shall operate any bicycle except on established roadways, parking areas, or bicycle paths.
  3. When a bicycle crosses a pathway for pedestrian travel or a marked pedestrian crossway the operator shall yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian within the areas specified.
  4. No person shall park a bicycle in any manner that will impede pedestrian or vehicle movement. Prohibited areas include, inside buildings, hallways, walkways, ramps, etc.
  5. If a bicycle is parked in an unauthorized space or manner, the Department of Public Safety may immobilize the bicycle by lock and chain. A notice will be placed on the bicycle instructing the operator to report to the Department of Public Safety.
  6. A bicycle may be impounded if it is parked in an unauthorized space or manner or it has been abandoned.
  7. Department of Public Safety will not be responsible for bicycle locks that may be destroyed in the impoundment process.
  8. Any impounded bicycle not claimed within sixty (60) days shall be considered abandoned and shall be disposed of by the university as abandoned property.
  9. Any person whose actions result in a violation of this code will be issued a violation ticket.
  10. Alleged violators of this code have the same avenue of appeal as an operator of a motor vehicle.
  11. UA Little Rock reserves the right to change these regulations and to add, remove, or reallocate parking areas as the need arises.
  12. UA Little Rock Department of Public Safety is vested with the powers, duties, and jurisdiction to administer and enforce this code.

Vehicle Registration

Every student who owns or operates a motorized vehicle on the university campus must register it at Department of Public Safety.