Campus Signs and Poster Regulations

“Signs include billboards, decals, notices, placards, posters, banners, and posting as any means used for displaying a sign.”
The campus is open to posting of signs by the university community and non-university groups or individuals within the following restrictions:

  1. All signs and posters must have the stamp of the appropriate office. Before publicly posting a sign or billboard, the individual, non-university group, residence hall, university department, Greek group, and registered student organizations must have the sign stamped by the Office of Campus Life. Signs and billboards placed outdoors on university grounds must be approved for location by the director of Facilities Management.
  2. Indoor bulletin boards located in academic and administration buildings are normally restricted for the use of the university schools and colleges, departments, administrative units, university groups, and registered student organizations. If the indoor bulletin boards are to be used for posting, the unit that maintains the bulletin board must grant approval.
  3. Before publicly posting a sign, the individual, academic department, university office, or group must have the signs stamped for posting by the Office of Campus Life.
  4. Billboards, banners, and posters exceeding 14”x22” are restricted for the use of university schools and colleges department, administrative units, registered student organizations, and university groups. Those desiring to use the Donaghey Student Center Mall (west) area for posting must receive approval from the Donaghey Student Center director or designee.
  5. Signs must be removed from the campus and bulletin boards no later than forty-eight (48) hours following the event publicized.
  6. All events sponsored by registered student organizations or university student groups must be placed on the UA Little Rock Master Calendar of Events prior to posting and advertising the event.
  7. All signs must carry the name of the sponsoring individual or group.
  8. A sign may not be attached to:
    1. a shrub, tree, or plant, or placed on any landscaped area
    2. a permanent sign installed for another purpose
    3. a fence, chain, or its supporting structure
    4. brick, concrete, masonry structure, glass, or other finished surfaces on the campus

    Signs may not be secured by driving stakes in the ground or by digging holes to stabilize signs.

  9. During SGA elections exceptions are made regarding sign and poster regulation. Students campaigning for SGA offices should contact the SGA office for election code regulations concerning posters or signs and the Office of Campus Life for waivers or exceptions.
  10. The dean of students/designee, university police officers, and physical plant grounds employees may remove signs, posters, etc., on university property that are in violation of the sign and poster regulation.
  11. Violation of these regulations may result in future denial of posting privileges for a designated period of time.