Section VI. Statement of Behavior

On or Off-Campus Violations

Student actions on or off campus that allegedly violate university behavioral standards, the Code, or federal, state, and local laws, may subject the student to concurrent jurisdiction of, and the imposition of a sanction by, both the university and civil authorities. The university may enforce its own regulations and student violations of the Code regardless of any proceedings instituted by authorities or may proceed with campus disciplinary hearings without waiting for results of off-campus criminal proceedings fear of violating student constitutional rights, particularly the right of self-incrimination. Decisions as to whether the university’s interest is involved or affected by a violation of law will be based on whether:

  1. The act has some detrimental impact on the educational mission, objectives, processes, and functions of the university.
  2. The student can reasonably be considered a possible threat or danger to the safety and welfare of persons in the academic community or to university property.
  3. The academic integrity of the university is violated.
  4. The maintenance of the university’s program of higher education is jeopardized.

Student Violations

This list of student or student organization violations is merely illustrative and should not be taken to be all inclusive. A student or student organization is subject to disciplinary action whenever the behavior violates university behavioral standards, the Code, or federal, state, and local laws.

Students away from the campus as university representatives are subject to disciplinary action by the university for breaches of conduct. The accompanying sponsor is authorized to maintain good order and good representation during the trip. Upon return to campus, students may be disciplined for misconduct during the trip.

The current list of student violations can be found here.