General Policies Regarding Records

  1. Only student records which are reasonably necessary or useful to the basic purpose and needs of the university shall be made or retained. The Office of the Dean of Students expunges student disciplinary records carrying sanctions less than expulsion or suspension after five (5) years from date of incident.
  2. Transcripts shall record only information of an academic nature and disciplinary action that denies the privilege of the student to continue in or return to the university.
  3. Neither transcripts nor information pertaining to disciplinary or administrative matters shall be made available by the university to unauthorized persons without the express consent of the student, unless the university or its officials are directed by legal process to release such information.
  4. Persons authorized to receive transcripts of such information include the student, parents or legal guardians of dependent students, and university officials with legitimate educational interests.
  5. Students receive grades online at BOSS.UALR.EDU. An ID number and personal identification number (PIN) are required to access grades. You may request a copy of grades to be mailed by completing the grade mailer request form in the Office of Records and Registration.
  6. The university policy for posting grades is that grades will be posted so that only the student can identify his or her grade. This can be accomplished by the use of code letters or numbers as long as the code used is not revealed to other students, unauthorized university personnel, or the public. The use of code to label each student so that only the student is aware of his or her identity does not require the approval of the student. The important point is that no personally identifiable information (education record) be disclosed to third parties without the student’s written consent.