University Facilities Policies

Use of University Facilities

Statement of Principles

The University of Arkansas System has an obligation to its students and the larger society of which it is a part to provide the fullest opportunity for a free exchange and critical evaluation of diverse viewpoints. This means freedom to teach, freedom to learn, freedom to discuss, and freedom to expose ideas to the critical analysis appropriate to the university setting. In order to accomplish its mission, the administration, faculty, and students have a continuing responsibility for preserving the properly directed use of the institution’s freedom to teach, discuss, and explore.

The university’s dedication to the spirit of free inquiry requires the examination and evaluation of controversial viewpoints but obviously does not require the endorsement of such viewpoints. Divergent points of view must be recognized but at the same time kept within a framework of orderly conduct in accordance with human dignity.

Policy Statement of the Board of Trustees

University facilities exist for the primary purpose of serving a planned and scheduled program of educational activity. At times when not required in the regularly planned educational program, the university facilities may be made available for extracurricular use to colleges, departments, and other organizational units of the university; to organizations composed exclusively of faculty and staff; to organizations which exist solely for the benefit of the university; and to recognized student organizations with the approval of the faculty advisor.

University facilities under the law cannot be made available to other organizations for their own purposes. However, when a facility is in use neither for a regularly scheduled educational activity not for an extracurricular use by one of the university organizations listed above, the president or chancellor is authorized to approve the use of the facility when such use serves the educational objectives of the university. It is an objective of the university to provide opportunities for university and broader communities to see and hear major leaders from throughout the state, nation, and world. Speeches and debates by or on behalf of candidates for major state or national offices may be scheduled in university facilities under arrangements which allow reasonable opportunities for opposing candidates or points of view. It must be made clear that the university neither supports nor opposes the views stated by and/or the candidacy of such individuals.