Campus Campaign Steering Committee and Ambassadors

Aresh Assadi
Student Affairs – Counseling Services

Mark Baillie
DCSTEM – Physical Sciences

Shelia Brooks
CBHHS – School of Nursing

Sikia Brown
University Affairs

Jessie Burchfield
William H. Bowen School of Law

Anthony Buttrum
Student Affairs – Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Katrina Christopher
Finance and Administration – Payroll Office

Reed Claiborne
Student Affairs – Disability Resource Center

Shannon Collier-Tenison
Academic Affairs – Office of the Provost

andre cummings
William H. Bowen School of Law

Joe Felan
School of Business

Tyler Harrison
Academic Affairs

Carrie Phillips
Communications and Marketing

Derek Slagle
CHASSE- School of Public Affairs

Judy Staley
CBHHS – School of Nursing

Joanne Matson
CHASSE – Rhetoric & Writing

Brandy Dixon

Emily Bell
Human Resources

Campus Campaign Ambassadors

Katie Helms, Sports Management

Dawn Johnson, DCSTEM

Sadie Lea, CHASSE

Monica Meadows, CHASSE

Leisa Myles, MidSOUTH

Vanessa Whitman, Finance and Administration

Angela Willis, Academic Affairs

Dr. April Chatham-Carpenter, CHASSE

Mercades Parker, CHASSE

Bobbie Handcock, Communications and Marketing

Salina Ables, Alumni and Development

Reteisha Byrd, CBHHS

Morgan Leyenberger, CBHHS

Dr. Mohammad Goodarzi, STEM

Keith Harris, STEM Center

Mary French, STEM Center

Rachel Mercado, Counseling Services

Belinda Nix, Nursing

Cynthia Dedner, Athletics

Dr. Al Baker, STEM

Jennifer Lampkin, STEM

Anne Turner, STEM

Grace Zafasi, KLRE/KUAR

Mary Tillman, MidSOUTH

Heyam Dannawi, Academic Affairs