Heritage Society

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock Heritage Society was established to recognize alumni and friends who have made provisions in their estate plans for gifts to be made to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. These gifts may take many forms, including simple bequests by will, gifts of life insurance, or life income gifts such as gift annuities and charitable trusts. Many of these forms of giving offer substantial financial and tax saving benefits, often complementing a donor’s overall estate plan.

All gifts are greatly appreciated and help to ensure the continued support of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock for future generations.

Heritage Society Members

Charles Albers
Fred W. Allsopp*
Ann and Joel Anderson
Marie Babrick-Kennedy*
Carl E. Bailey Jr.*
Harryetta Bailey
Phyllis* and G.W. Bailey
Deborah Baldwin and Jim Metzger
Bill Ballard
Howard L. Balsley*
Sharon ’69 and Richard Baugh ’80
Patricia Bauknight
Nadine and Charles Baum*
Susan and David Belcher
Teresa Benedetti ’01
Claire Jeane Bentley*
Rose Berry*
Bob Birch ’72
Sally Sophia Miner Blair*
Mary C. Boaz ’77
Gordon Bohlman*
B. Douglas Brandon Jr.*
Angi* and Keith Brenton
Marilyn ’93 and Greg Brown ’69,’77
Irene Henry Browne*
Ruth H. Brunson*
Mary Busby Stramel ’87
Gertrude Butler*
Jamie Byrne-McCollum
Bettye Caldwell*
Gene Campbell*
Betta and Cy* Carney
Paula Casey
Sheila ’89 and Gene Castin
Bobbie and Robert Clarke ’35*
Michael Clemons*
Suzanne and Tom Clifton
Susan LaNell Compton*
Cindy L. Conger ’80, ’83
William Monroe Cook*
Ira G. Corn*
Alexandra Denman and Ben Stein
Peggy and Bob Denman ’74
Kearney Dietz ’83
Rellia Dillinger
Wilma C. Diner*
Richard B. Dixon ’48*
Wilburn Ira Dobbs*
Charles and Mable Donaldson
Ruby M. Duke*
John Edwards ’88
Belinda ’92 and Rex Eley
Susan and John* Elliott ’67
Mary Evans Revocable Trust*
Steven E. Faulk*
Marguerite S. Flake*
Loris Fullerton ’74
Mabel and Santo Formica*
Eleanor Orts Francis*
Mary Frances McCaslin Frederick*
Rudolf Walter Freyhan*
David Gentry ’90, ’99
Ruby and Marcus George*
Lucile Duncan Gibson*
Victoria D. Gill*
Mary Beth Glover-Wilson ’76
Susan and Chuck Goldner
Mary Good
David Goodwin ’98, ’04
Margaretta and Rudolph Graham*
Shirley and William Gran
Ellen Gray ’70
Bill Greenwood*
Sandra Robertson Greenwood ’95
Flora Mae Griffey*
Rosemary Griffith ’48
Bobbi and David Guerra
Vivian and Wilfred Gunderson*
Edith and Henry Halberg*
Anne C. and John Thomas Haley*
Richard and Betty ’81 Hansen
Linda and Rush Harding
Nancy J. Harm*
Carolyn Larson Harman ’46*
Annie L. Harrison*
David Deming Henry ’89, ’01
Jean and Gary Heral
A.F. House*
Marie Wilson Howells*
Carl Iannacone ’99*
Rosa Pfeifer Isacson*
Sue ’59 and Lynn Jenkins ’59
Earp Jennings, Jr. ’35*
Akers Pence Johnson and J. Yandell Johnson*
Lee Asbill Johnson ’92
Lee A. Johnson Jr. ’67
Sara Tucker and Ray Jouett
Joseph Perry Kaufman*
Kerry Kennedy*
Georgianna King
Jack Kinnaman
Roslyn Knutson
Doris and Mark* Krain
Elizabeth S. Lang*
Sam Laser*
Carolyn and Paul Lasseigne Jr.
Gertrude & Herbert Latkin*
Melvin A. Lawson*
Pamela and Michel Leidermann
Virginia Rembert* and Raeford Liles
Josephine and Tom Lish
Irene Louise Long*
Tom Lynch
Maxwell Lyons
Samuel R. Lyons*
Polly ’46 and Leonard R. Mano*
Garth and Joanne Martin
Lester G. McAllister*
Carolyn McCone ’77, ’78
Marion Miller
Rose Mae Bogan Millikan ’57
Jewel Minnis*
Bessie B. Moore*
Mary Moore
Minnie L. Moore*
Paula Morris ’69
Anne Bradford Mourning ’68
Joseph Mullen*
Mozelle Mitchell Nelson*
Linda and Dietrich* Neyland ’86
Hugh F. Oates*
Christian O’Neal ’01
Mary L. Parker
Neva and Vernon C. Parker*
Merrily F. Purnell Parker*
Ted Parkhurst ’70
Janis Percefull ’05
Sandy and Dan Phillips
Gwenneth and Richard Picard
Patty ’88 and Mark Pollack ’88
Karen Proetz ’88
Dora* and John G. Ragsdale
C. Earl and Kathy Ramsey
Miriam Raney*
Joyce and Helmut* Redetzki
Don Riggin ’62
Pat Riley, Sr. ’43*
Bob and Patricia Rittenhouse
Beverly Roachell ’73, ’78 and Bill Mourot ’74
Susanne Roberts ’79, ’82
Christine Roller*
James B. Rule and Anna M. Cox ’72, ’75
Charliss Russ ’97, ’00
Elaine and Ike* Scott
Roy Lyndell Sharpe*
Timothy A. Shea*
Eloise Sherman ’59*
Ellen and James Simpson*
Karen and Jim Simpson ’74
Sue Sims
Lois J. Sirman*
Patricia and Keith Smith
Stella Boyle Smith*
Stephen Harrow Smith*
Belle Spatz
James Spears*
Gisela Spieker
Marie Seeman Spitzberg*
Eleanor Freed Stern*
Robin Sudderth ’95, ’01*
Elaine Sutton ’45, ’81
Lucille Swann*
Joe Swaty ’78
Barbara Taegel
Rob Taylor ’84*
George E. Thompson III
Kathleen Thomsen-Hall*
Virginia Tiemann ’46
Gary Tippit ’55
Justice Annabelle Imber Tuck ’77
Ida Umphers
Vince Vinikas
Irene Vratsinas
John D. Walthour*
Rebecca Ward ’79
Frank L. Whitbeck*
Bill Wiggins
Alfred Williams ’66 and Elaine Eubank ’75
Betty and Ted Williams*
Marian L. Williams*
Joanne and John Wilson ’59
Johnnie Winn*
Mary Worthen ’35*
Barbara Yarnell ’55*
Marilyn Young
Harold Zook ’86, ’87*

We would be honored and grateful to include you as a member of the Heritage Society. Please inform us if we have omitted your name inadvertently or if you have made the decision to include the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in your estate planning and would like more information.

* Deceased