The charge to the committee is as follows:

The Chancellor’s Committee on the Americans with Disabilities Act (CADA) will (1) develop recommendations to the chancellor annually for spending the annual CADA Fund. Further, CADA may (2) offer advice and recommendations for campus improvements or policy changes to make university programs and services accessible to members of the university community and to guests.

  • In formulating its spending recommendations, CADA will regard students as the primary but not exclusive focus; recommendations may also address issues faced by faculty and staff with disabilities.
  • CADA will enhance access to programs by addressing selected priority program needs.
  • CADA will address matters that go beyond the requirements of the ADA to make the everyday campus experiences of persons with disabilities as free of inconveniences and discomfort as possible, perhaps addressing what others would not normally regard as necessary.

All colleges, departments, offices, and other units are expected to take steps and make changes to accommodate persons with disabilities; therefore, items or actions under $500 will be left to such units. Larger needs that would consume most or all of the annual CADA budget may be submitted for consideration by the university administration during the normal annual budget development process.

The chair of CADA is appointed annually by the chancellor and votes only in case of a tie. The chair of CADA will set a schedule for the work of the committee each year. The chair of CADA may appoint members of CADA to serve as members and chairs of such subcommittees as the chair of CADA deems desirable in order to carry out the committee’s responsibilities. The chair of CADA may also invite additional persons to sit with the committee on an as-needed basis when their presence would be helpful to the deliberations of the committee.

NOTE: The foregoing charge to the committee replaces any previous such statements.