Watch this instructional video on how to use the Evacu-Trac. The complete list of locations on campus is below.

person in Evacu-Trac being lowered down a flight of stairs

Building Location Floor
Dickinson Hall North end of Hall 6
Donaldson Student Services East Stairwell 4
East Hall North Stairwell 5
EIT East Stairwell 6
ETAS North Stairwell 6
Nanotechnology East Stairwell 3
North Hall Northeast Stairwell 4
Ottenheimer Library West stairwell by elevators 5
Reynolds Building North Stairwell 4
Ross Hall North end of Hall 6
Science Lab / Fribourgh Hall Hallway that connects FH and SCLB 4
South Hall Southeast Stairwell 4
Speech Building West Stairwell 2
West Hall Men South stairwell by elevator 6
West Hall Women North stairwell by elevator 6